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Posted by Akshara Foundation on June 9th, 2017

India has achieved its independence in the year 1947 and adopted the constitution of Right to Education in Article 21A. And sadly, even today, the country is striving for the education with a literacy rate of just 74 to 75 %, which is a huge sign of concern. Even today, there are some parts where the community doesn’t even know putting their signature. However, the Government is now taking effective steps to increase the literacy rate of the country and has achieved good results as over the past years. Also, there are many Education NGOs in Bangalore who came forward with a purpose to provide education to the illiterate community and make them aware of the benefits of being literate. Both the Government and NGOs are working with the same motive, though their working is different from one another. Where the Government introduces various policies and departments for running awareness programs in the areas where the literacy rate is extremely low, whereas, the NGOs encourage the young aspirants to join hands with them and spread the joy of being educated.

Undoubtedly, the low literacy rate is a major factor in poverty because there are families who don’t have enough funds to send their child to the educational institutions, and thus, unwillingly they have to put their child into a child labor, another major obstacle for the economic development of the country. Illiteracy and poverty go hand-in-hand and thus, the education NGOs in Bangalore works dedicatedly for developing various programs and schemes to make people aware of the advantages of the education. There are many people who wish to contribute to the economic development of the country, but, don’t know the right place to do so. Although these NGOs motivate such people to support their work by providing funds which are a necessity to provide education.

Benefits of education:

  • Increased literacy rate – Of course, more educated people, the better is the literacy rate of the country.
  • Encouraging opportunities of income and wealth – As mentioned above poverty and illiteracy go hand-in-hand, thus, the education NGOs in Bangalore work towards making people educated and opening the gate of opportunities to generate more income and wealth.
  • Reduced instability and incorruption – No doubt, low literacy rate is a major cause of corruption in the country. Therefore, education promotes stability and eliminates corruption from their lives.
  • Empowers female – When people are educated, they know the importance of gender equality as well.

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