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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

If you wish to listen all the music that is stored on your PC even when you are on the go, you should have a portable mp3 player. There are two kinds of mp3 players- hard drive players and flash memory players and each type has its own unique advantages.

Hard drive players have a hard drive inside them and can store a lot of digital music files that make them ideal for serious music lovers. These are generally compact and slim with all the storage and also have moving parts which means that they could skip under high impact conditions.

Players that have embedded flash memory are tiny and usually rely on built in flash memory to store digital music. Since flash memory has no moving parts these players can also handle bumping and jostling without any risk of skipping. Their light weight also makes them good choice for using during jogging or aerobics. But they are limited in capacity and as such these store fewer tunes than hard drive players.

Although many Mp3 CD?s and MP3 portables can handle MP3 they are really not MP3 players. These may be an affordable and versatile choice for them who don?t mind to transfer their music files to a collection of discs. CD portables are noticeably larger than today?s hard drive and flash players, the MD portables are closer in size to a hard drive player.

Cool extras you should look for
You would always look for your MP3 player to perform a great job by storing and playing your tunes but there are additional perks as well that you might never think off when you are shopping.

FM Tuner
If you want to listen for FM radio then you should look for a portable that incorporates an FM tuner so that you can switch over to radio listening to your favorite program.

Voice recorder
Many players also capture voice snippets through a built in microphone or record radio broadcasts from a built ?in FM tuner. These players are great for those people who want to save interviews or lectures to their player?s memory. In addition, since voice recording is usually mono and not stereo you can store lots of hours of voice recording.

Memory card slot
If you choose a player that has embedded flash memory and a memory card slot, you can expand the players memory capacity and all you can do is buy some compatible flash memory cards separately and then use them to store additional tunes.

Photos and videos
More portables are available that can handle photos or videos and are usually larger than usual LCD that displays home videos, TV shows, movies or any other digital photos downloaded from your computer.

Other accessory includes headphones, remotes, dock and other accessories that shall enable you to play and listen to your new MP3 player in the class.

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