Zune MP3 Players - Are They Worth It?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Everyone knows that the iPod steals the show when it comes to MP3 Players, but are they the best option out there? I'm going to show you why Zune MP3 Players are a much better investment than the iPod.

Lets start with some of the features that the Zune MP3 Players have while the iPods do not: Wi-Fi, Pre-loaded Video, Pre-loaded Audio, FM Tuner, Landscape Mode, Wireless Sync, Custom Background, Wireless File Sharing, Tactile + Touch Control, and an X-BOX Marketplace Integration. That is quite a few features that iPod does without when you look at the list. Something else that is quite unappetizing for those with an iPod or have considered buying one is that the MP3 Player already comes with a pre-loaded virus.

Already, Zune MP3 Players are proving to be a better deal. One feature that the iPod does have that Zune MP3 Players do not is a click wheel, which can prove to be quite useful when searching through your thousand plus song play list, but is that really enough to balance the differences? If you try to get all of the music you want to listen to through iTunes you will go broke, because you have to pay for each and every song. On the other hand, Zune MP3 Players have a Zune Marketplace in which you pay only $14.99 a month to receive unlimited downloads to all the music you want.

Lets take a little time to review the comparison. The Zune completely blows the iPod out of the water in virtually every feature, one of the only features that both of them actually have is Portrait Mode, how exciting. If you wanted to go even deeper, the screen size for the Zune MP3 Player 80GB is significantly larger than the iPod, and the Zune 4/8GB is only slightly smaller; but much longer than the iPod version.

Now, I understand that it may still be hard for you to make a decision on what MP3 Player you would like to purchase, but lets be honest. Just look at the facts, obviously Microsoft put in the time and effort to create a product that would not only be equivalent to the iPod, but destroy it's opponent with flying colors. The number of features and small details are in the Zune MP3 Player favor are abundant, more than enough to make a solid decision.

What about Social Networking? Yet another feature that the Zune MP3 Players have, and the iPod does not. Now, if your one of those people who just want to be like everyone else, go ahead and pick up an iPod. But for those of you who want the best product, you will be purchasing a Zune MP3 Player.

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