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Posted by Everett Theodosia on June 12th, 2017

Tranquille veterinary clinic is among the leading clinics in Kamloops. It is a full service clinic with affordable prices and a caring professional staff with vast knowledge and experience in the field of veterinary services.Our technology is top notch. The level of surgical and medical care we provide to dogs is exceptional, it is advanced as the care provided to humans. We love dogs and we take care of them. We offer a variety of services concerned with animals’ treatment. We offer dog soft tissue injury treatment which is a treatmentmost dogs require at one point in time in their life due to their playful nature. It is not a very serious condition compared to such as torn ligaments, arthritis or broken bones, rather it’s a small injury but it requires attention so that the dog can be comfortable. Soft tissue injury or trauma is a condition whereby the soft tissues connecting the muscles to the bones or the ligaments which connect one bone to another swell and become painful. The symptoms always include limping, vocalization especially at the time of injury, swelling of the trauma site and panting. We offer advice and treatment to such a condition. It requires the dog to have rest for some time and also we give anti-inflammatory medications to speed up the process of healing.

Tranquille veterinary clinic is also the leading provider of vaccinations for dogs in Kamloops. Vaccines aid in prevention of many illnesses that may affect dogs and it enables the dog live a long and healthy life. We offer both core and non-core vaccines for the dogs. The core vaccines are very important to dogs as they reduce the risk of exposure, severity of the diseases or transmission to human beings, they include canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis, distemper and rabies. The non-core vaccines on the other hand are given depending on the exposure risk of the dog, they include, vaccines against borrelia burgdorferi, bordetella bronchiseptica and leptospira bacteria. We have specialists to help determine what vaccines are best for your dog. We will help determine a vaccination schedule for your dog. This will depend with the type of vaccine we will see suitable for your dog, its age, its medical history, the environment and lifestyle. For those with puppies, solo veterinary is the place to visit so that we can begin vaccination and open a file for your dog whereby all details about the dog will be recorded and we will ensure its healthy all its life. Our clinic will also offer free advice on issues like how to brush your dog’s teeth, how to spray your dog to keep fleas and ticks away, how to keep the dog free from dog flu and longevity tips for your dog. Tranquille veterinary is the one stop clinic for vaccinations for dogs in Kamloopsand for dog soft tissue injury treatment. All dog owners are welcomed. Come and see your dog grow healthy and live longer.

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