How Much Density Can be Added to Your Hairline Through Hair Transplant

Posted by komalcosmetic on June 12th, 2017

No one on this earth would like to have bald head or thin hair line. Hairs are the most important part of our body that contributes in beauty of a person. Hair restoration methods are amalgamation of science and art that helps in adding the volume to your hairs. In this article, you will get know about how Hair Transplant Ahmedabad can add density to hairline. And how helpful hair transplant is?

Why to choose Hair Transplant Ahmedabad?

The cost of Hair Transplant is low; hence you must plan to undergo the surgery only in Ahmedabad. Though there are so many hair clinicsbut it is your responsibility to find the best one. Make a point of enrolling yourself in a clinic that does not compromise with the services.

How Hair Clinics Initiate the Hair Transplant Process to Add Volume?

In general, experts work with you to determine the cause of your hair thinning or loss. This is the first step taken by doctors of every hair clinic. Then the doctors make sure to customize the hair loss treatment plan accordingly. However, we are aware of the fact that every case is different. Usually, it is observed that large number of patients suffer from female or male pattern baldness and the best standard treatment for this problem is follicular unit extraction, FUE. Under the process of FUE technique of hair transplant, healthy hair from a donor area on the back of your scalp are taken away and then these are implanted on the recipient area or bald area. There are no strip scars, stitches, or numbness behind the surgery.

How Many Grafts Can be Added to Your Hairline?

Depending on the goals of your hairline restoration, numbers of grafts are planned. However, keep in mind that the first session is usually designed as a stand-alone procedure and second session is considered for additional density.

In earlier days, doctors use to implant 2000 grafts per session but later on they discovered that 1000 grafts per session gives better result than earlier style of surgery. When fewer grafts are done then they start to grow faster and yield is better.

In Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad You can attain good density in single session of hair transplant that can hide the baldness on temples of your head. After hair transplant, you can attain natural looking hairline soon.

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