Get Netting or Clear Acrylic in Your Dasherboard System Installed

Posted by reez thomas on June 13th, 2017

Do you like to play ice hockey? During the winter season, when snow covers the entire country, many natural rinks are formed on which different sports such as ice skating, ice hockey and curling can be played. Since, these sports are played throughout the year, natural ice rinks cannot be utilized during all the seasons. So, artificial ice rinks made of synthetic ice take their place providing the same experience as you would get on the naturally formed ice rinks. In order to construct the ice rinks, different materials are used and one of them is a dasherboard. It is usually made of steel or aluminum and used as side boards to cover a rink. On these boards, advertisements of different sponsors can be easily inscribed during a tournament.

Dasherboards are prepared with interlocking panels that are joined together with different materials. Modern dasherboards are available in lightweight frames and manufactured with hot dip galvanized tubular steel frame with fiberglass or poly facing. The whole system requires no fasteners to install but can be joined with netting or clear acrylic over the boards. Dasherboards are available in different sizes that can be chosen according to the size of the arena and its spectator holding capacity. And, the maintenance requirements of the boards also affect their designs. So, most of the organizers prefer portable dasherboards that can be easily installed and maintained over a rink. However, for the international matches, the dimensions and layout of the rink are chosen according to Olympics or National Hockey League (NHL).

In order to ensure safety of the players, dasherboards are prepared with utmost precision so that no players are hurt while coming in contact with them. For this reason, having sharp edges on the boards and the use of fasteners have been completely avoided by the manufacturers. Also, all the hardware used in designing and installing the boards is designed in a way that it minimizes protrusions. In North America, dasherboards are available in frames with thickness of around 5 to 6 inches. Some of the playing facilities also use glass shielding with tempered glass on the boards that provides a high clarity of vision for the spectators.

If you are thinking where to get portable dasherboards in US, you can find them online. Many companies are selling portable dasherboards in Florida through their websites. Here, you can also get netting or clear acrylic in the dasherboard system.

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