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For thousands of years, horse riding has been a favorite time pass for men, women and children. Only a genuine horse rider can understand the importance of horse riding boots. For proper protection and stability during riding a horse, one should possess good quality horse riding boots. It is a crucial component in horse rider’s outfit.

Types of riding boots:

Before purchasing a casual horse riding boot, first of all you should know different varieties available in the market. Each type of variety is appropriate for a particular riding discipline and also important for having a good aesthetic value.

  • Long English Riding Boots:

In English riding events, boots play a major part in uniform. There are many types of English horse riding boots as mentioned below-

Field Boots- Originally this type of boots was associated with the uniform of field officers.The lacing system of this type of boots allows flexible movement of the rider. Black leather is key material for manufacturing of field boots. Ideal for show jumping competitions.

Dress Boots: The design is similar to field boots. But they are little bit stiffer than field boots. Generally used in dressage events like where a rider executes training skills of a horse.

Hunt Boots: At the top of the boot, there is a tan color contrasting band. Otherwise it is similar to dress boot. Mainly used in hunt seat competitions.

  • Short English Riding Boots

Generally, this type of boot ends at ankle. These have also two types of varieties-

Mucker boots: During feeding horses or mucking a stall, horse riders wear mucker boots as utility boots.  This type has special type of sole preventing slippage.

Jodhpur riding boots : This rises to small height above ankle. These are also referred as paddock boots. This is popular among young horse riders. Jodhpur boots often have an elastic side. Very popular during a pleasure riding and trail riding.

  • Western Riding Boots:

Another name of western riding boot is cowboy boot. Key features are pointed toes and high heels. The following are the sub categories –

Roper: Have comparatively shorter heels. Appropriate for riders competing in roping competition.

Walking heel:  Also have shorter heel

Riding heel: Western boots with high heel.

 Sizing of Horse riding boots-

After deciding about type of the boot, purchaser must be well aware of sizes available for casual horse riding boots in the market. Two most common type of sizing are U.S type and E.U type. Please note that only one numerical rating is used for both male and female in European sizes.

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