A Romantic Island Honeymoon Getaway Resort In The Arabian Sea Off The Coast Of India

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

The Island Hideaway of Bangaram island resort is some 200 miles from Kerala to the south west of India in the Arabian Sea, and is one of the Lakshadweep Islands. Normally it is accessed by a flight from Cochin to Agatti, then onward by boat for a 90 minute ride. Getting onto the boat at Agatti is an experience in itself, as you get onto a raft, and then they tow you out to the boat!! You immediately feel this is a true hideaway holiday, and your tropical island resort is going to be a bit different. Take good advice and fly Kingfisher and not Indian Airlines for reliability.

It is the perfect romantic honeymoon getaway, a lush green uninhabited island covered in coconut groves, and shaped like a teardrop. It is surrounded by pristine white sand and a huge lagoon, and is part of a coral atoll with another three islands, all of which can easily be reached form Bangaram, by outboarding, sailing or rowing, kayaking or windsurfing if you find the need to be energetic.

It is probably the way the Maldives were before mass tourism arrived, because the coral reefs are ablaze with colour and packed with fish because as yet they are relatively unexplored.

If you want a tropical vacation on an island hideaway, or a romantic honeymoon getaway, then Bangaram could be your ideal destination or as part of a package including time in the Kerala part of India.

You need to understand that this island hideaway, whilst perfect for a romantic honeymoon getaway, or for people who want to play at being castaways, it isn?t at all for people looking for luxury. If you need the trappings of a five star resort, just don?t go.

Bangaram itself consists of 30 huts which includes a number of family huts in twin/double cottages. There are no televisions, telephones or air-conditioning, and to complete the island getaway feeling there are no newspapers so you will be completely out of effective contact with the stresses of the modern world. Each hut is tiled, on the beach, and has a palm thatched veranda, ensuite bathroom, ceiling fan and a fridge. The accommodation is simple but very comfortable, but please note there is no hot water!!

The epicentre of Bangaram Island resort is the restaurant hut which has been built around a central pole and made of bamboos and palm fronds. The food at the resort for lunch and dinner is a bit Indian, and a bit Continental, and very much seafood based. The food is without exception outstanding.

Breakfast includes cereals, eggs, Indian dishes and a lot of fresh fruit.

At night there is a barbecue on the beach, and the chance to eat outside overlooking the moon shining on the lagoon Bangaram Island resort is the only place where alcohol is permitted in the Lakshadweep Islands, and the beach bar is the centre of the evening activity. It serves beer and cocktails and will remain open until the guests have had enough!!

You will find the staff at this island hideaway very courteous and helpful, there is even a volleyball match played between staff and guests.

There is little doubt that Bangaram Island Hideaway makes for a romantic honeymoon because of its ambiance. It is a place to come, to totally relax. The only noise you will really hear is the murmur of conversation. You can do nothing a little or a little more. Choose from snorkeling, diving, swimming in the lagoon, massages and volleyball. From sailing or rowing, kayaking or windsurfing. There is an activity center, so you can play on board games, or take a book and read it, whilst sprawled on one of the many hammocks or relaxed on a sun bed.

If you want to dive, the diving is spectacular, with unspoilt coral, and incredibly clear water.

What an island hideaway in the Lakshadweep Islands is Bangaram Island resort. Perfect as part of a romantic honeymoon package and perfect for families who just want a simple castaway tropical island vacation.

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