Losing Your Hair? 5 FAQ's Men Need To Know

Posted by Riya sharma on June 13th, 2017

Are you the one losing hair excessively then you must read the following frequently asked questions. I recommend each one of you to read this post thoroughly as you must know following 5 FAQ’s before you undergo Hair Transplant In Indore.


1. Can home remedies cure baldness?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people, who are suffering from hair loss. So, you must also know the answer that if your hair loss is genetic then home remedies for hair growth are unlikely to be effective treatment for baldness. You must approach for hair transplantation as this is the only permanent solution to restore hairs. However, it is good idea to ahead towards healthy lifestyle by reducing stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption, but unfortunately this will not help you in gaining or restoring hairs.


2. Does non- surgical hair restoration method work?

Usually, if you are having initial stage of hair fall then doctors take the risk of treating the problem through medications. There are two medications mainly used to treat the baldness: Minoxidil and Finasteride. However, in case the stage of hair loss is not initial then there is no medication that can treat the hair loss problem. Finally, if none of this works then you must go for surgical methods like hair transplantation as this is the only permanent solution that gives you natural looking hairs.


3. How much does hair transplantation cost?

Hair restoration methods like Follicular Unit Extraction are quite costly than other methods like strip harvesting. However, the FUE technique of hair transplantation results in a more natural appearance and involves less scarring and post-surgical pain.

Since the cost of hair restoration methods is high, hence you must clearly ask your doctor about the rough estimate that you may have to bear after the surgery.


4. How to find a reliable hair loss doctor?

This is also one of the most common questions that people ask frequently as they find difficulty in finding the best doctor for hair transplant, who can be reliable. It is usually recommended to consult certified hair loss specialists as this will assure that he is capable of providing expert answers regarding your medical options, including surgery, medical treatments and other options.


5. What are the most common reasons to lose hairs?

Each one of you must know the reasons that cause hair loss. Though there are many possiblereasons for hair loss ranging from genetic to environmental and health related issues. Usually, most of the people suffer from genetic baldness and rest of the people undergoes this problem due to individual’s environment or lifestyle. Hair loss causes might include illness, disease, medications etc. Certain lifestyle factors like smoking, stress, alcohol consumption or exposure to UV rays are also responsible for hair loss problem.

If you are having excessive hair loss then it is matter of concern and you must immediately approach a hair specialist or plant to undergo Hair Transplant In Indore.

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