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Posted by Marsha Leyva on June 13th, 2017

The Pillar of digitalization on the planet, the most important factor of the advertisement industry, the pioneers of many small, large and medium-sized companies and a ton of things could be said about email marketing. The summary of the topic is email marketing is not a lot to be looked intended for as these two phrases itself speaks a great deal about it’s usage and it’s advantage. People in the commercial sector generally know the importance of email marketing yet to those who are not aware of email marketing, the details of these phrases will be discussed right here after.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing in simple phrases can be described as sending commercial emails to a specific group of people with who the company who is sending the email desires to have business. Speaking more about email marketing along with sending emails to the group of people or even group of companies they want to have business they also send emails to varied other sources from exactly where they can acquire more business. The people in order to whom the mail is being sent are the potential customers considered as a great asset if they are prepared to do business with them.

Very best content in the email sent by the firm doing the email marketing? A lot of people would be getting this question. The content of these emails includes advertisements, request of doing business with the firm, solicit sales, donations, brand awareness and many other things.

Broadly the purpose of email marketing is to building or improving relationships with the current clients and also earlier customers, to repeat business with the earlier clients, acquiring new business, even to persuade the present and new clients to purchase their product and various other items.

Importance of Email Marketing

We all know the speed at which the use of internet is being spreading and it’s just a matter of time before everyone on the planet would be connected via internet. Internet is among the most main medium intended for information exchange across the world. It is due to Web that many companies across the world has decided to replace the traditional way of marketing and promotion with all the various online methods. Yes we are talking about the Email Marketing concept.

There are many methods for promotion online. Email promotion is an effective method of promoting your brand name through various types of mailing lists. Another importance of email marketing is that a company can target a certain group or different groups that would be thinking about having business with you. Email marketing utilizes various social systems like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and many others to promote your brand name.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The main importance of email marketing is that it is very inexpensive for one to do email marketing. You are able to incorporate any strategy, any plans within the email marketing for which the cost would be negligible. Unlike traditional marketing, email marketing give you the platform of endorsing your brand globally.

Why should you be using Email Marketing?

The companies make use of email marketing because their core tactic in their digital strategies. The particular pace at which the innovation in this world is happening is extraordinary. To match up to the pace by using proper resources by the marketers result in the maximization of revenue to the organization. Email marketing helps achieving to a specific group of targeted audience which is why it really is of great usefulness. Email marketing helps not only to develop your business but additionally to know the comments of the product or even services you are offering through the 24*7 customer service services. This helps to enhance and escalate your company. Email marketing any to many communications which can be done by sending promotional offers, discounted offers introduced intended for clients via email. Along with these email marketing offers a wide range of communication in a commercial way for an effective business. Email marketing acts as a key player in building relationships via email services.

Email Marketing Statistics

The entire number of email accounts was 3. nine billion in 2013 and is estimated to reach 4. 9 billion dollars by the 2017. Email marketing generates the greatest ROI (return on investments) revenue intended for marketers. With these quantities the growth associated with business is assured. Email marketing have got rates for small and medium sized sectors. Recently email marketing has been proved because the king of ROI. Email marketing figures varies from nation to country. There are some email marketing figures every marketer must know.

Transaction emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other kind of email- Experian.

Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems improved 60% to dollar!. 2 million in 2014, compared to the 50% increase in 2013- Venture Beat. Email marketing technology can be used by 82% associated with B2C and B2B companies- Acsend2.

B2C marketers who power automation have email marketing conversion rates as high as 50% - eMarketer.

64% of people state they open an email because of the issue line - Chadwick Martin Bailey.

44% of email people made at least one purchase last year based on the promotional email-Convinceandconvert. possuindo For B2B companies, subject lines that contained “money”, ”revenue” and “profit” carried out the best.

39% associated with marketers have no technique for mobile email.

72% of B2B purchasers are most likely to share useful content via email- Earnest Agency.

56% of businesses state they plan to enhance their use of email marketing in 2013- The little and medsize business email marketing survey.

Monday emails experienced the highest revenue per email.

27% of consumers were more likely to state their favorite companies ought to invest in more email.

1 in two marketers use cartoon gifs in their email campaigns- Experian Email Market Study.

Email messages that include social revealing buttons have a 158% higher click via rate- GetResponse.

Investment decision in Email Marketing Email marketing includes a huge return on investment and is considered most effective associated with digital marketing techniques. On an average, organizations are spending 15% of their marketing finances on email. The study in 2016 shows that more than three sectors of organizations with individuals or groups dedicated to email marketing rated their ROI as ‘good’ or even ‘excellent’.

Email Marketing service providers in India

Email Marketing is an essential portion of any business. It requires to be done by the best people. There are many number of service providers in India which some are the following. Constant Contact AWeber ConvertKit GetResponse MailChimp Campaign Monitor ActiveCampaign


Elaborating and understanding the importance of email marketing, studying the statistics that a small investment in email marketing can provide you with a high return on investment. With the use of digital media improving in businesses around the world the term email marketing will be expanding it’s meaning with the passing days.

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