Julio Licinio-Clinical Trial To Fight With Depression

Posted by JulioLicinio on June 14th, 2017

Depression is the usual happening among most of the people in which people always mentally remain tense. With a research, it has been found that just about over 20 million of American people have some sorts of disorder concerning to depression. Among these, 10 percent of people are of age 18 and above. This condition not only affects the mental conditions, but it also affects the overall condition of a human health. With a research, it has been found that any of the diseases gets raised fast when anyone goes through continuous mental stress.

Depression Research

There have been a lot of research concerning to genetics role, family history, and social environment as the cause of depression. A particular pinpoint for a stressed mental condition is difficult to describe as there is no particular reason for behind stressful situation. Some studies have shown that possible causes for depression may be due to certain mood controllers present in the brain or it might be because of stressful events in life.

There have been many experts who did lots of research for mental stress from all aspects and have really imparted a very significant contribution in a treatment of this disorder. Julio Licinio is one of those who have done a great job to fight with depression. He has proved that increasing level of leptin will reduce the complete effects of depression. He is the first person who made understood all aspects of mental stress and has proved with its experiment that leptin deficiency is the cause of depression.

Julio Licinio research is now helping many of the researchers and doctors to understand and treat the mental stress disease. His research helped the medical professionals to understand the effects of depression with different reactions and symptoms. There are many books which are already published and some are yet to come. Book published by him contains all the research that he has done considering to the mental stress.

Prevention for Depression

If you have depression, you should consult a psychologist to keep balance your mental conditions. You may also go through the book specialized for research and treatment for despair. You may prefer the book published by Julio Licinio to keep away mental despair. With research book, you can easily understand the factors and effects that result in this disease. Apart from all these things, you should also regularly practice yoga and exercises, so that you can keep your body healthy along with your mind.

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