What Can A Costa Rica Honeymoon Offer You?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Costa Rica has become one of the main attractions of Central America due to its rich wildlife, beaches and scenic oceanic coast. It is of little surprise that many couples today invest in a Costa Rica honeymoon and sometimes even to get married.

What Is In Store For A Costa Rica Honeymoon?

A couple?s honeymoon is a period of time that they dedicate to one another to create their first memories and the bond that will last a lifetime. It is therefore important to choose a place that will help them reflect on their life together from today on and celebrate their relationship and marriage.

A Costa Rica honeymoon offers all that and more; peaceful hotels with a natural environment that will take you back in time but with all the amenities you can wish for that will let you sit back and relax in your partner?s company.

The wildlife of Costa Rica is still untouched by the human presence even tough there are a vast number of tourists visiting this beautiful port. If you feel adventurous, there are many activities to join and challenge your partner and if you wish to have a romantic evening all you need to do is walk on the beach and watch the sunset; you will be surprised how the simplest things in life are the most precious with the right person.

Things To Know About Costa Rica

Spanish is the language widely spoken in Costa Rica but English is understood and adopted as well by most locals of this part of the country. If you enjoy coffee, Costa Rica produces some of the finest coffee in the world, which you can taste and pick as you desire.

Their local currency is always favorable in comparison to the US Dollar so, you will always have to gain in that aspect, besides, you will find most shopping and dinning extremely inexpensive compared to the US.

Booking Your Hotel

There are two ways to book your Costa Rica honeymoon: one is through a travel agent who usually will work with you and your budget in order to get you the best deal and rates and the other way if directly online.

Online you will find many options and packages and therefore you may need to shop a bit around before you get the best available package for you. Read the details carefully; ensure the prices are quoted in US Dollars and not the local currency and always ask for Costa Rica honeymoon specials to get a special rate or package.

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