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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

The best honeymoon destination is the one that you and your new spouse thoroughly enjoy together. That doesn?t sound like much of an answer but the fact of the matter is that everyone will have a different answer for the best honeymoon destination. Therefore, any answer you or anyone else comes up with is purely subjective and greatly influences by your likes and dislikes. To choose the best honeymoon destination, you and your significant other should sit down together and decide where you both have always want to travel. Once you both have compiled a list of your dream destinations, reality sets in with creating your budget for your honeymoon. Will your dreams and reality clash when choosing the best honeymoon destination for you and your intended?

Perhaps the best bang for your buck these days is a cruise, especially if you live near a port of call and can bypass the cost of airfare that it takes to get there. Wherever the cruise goes is your best honeymoon destination and with the different ports along the way, you can see quite a few of them. Cruises can be anywhere from a few hours to several days to even several weeks. The great thing about a cruise is that you only have to unpack once and practically everything from accommodations, food and activities is all included in one price. Plus, based on your budget, you can choose from a variety of destinations such as Mexico, Alaska, Jamaica, Tahiti, Hawaii and even farther places like the Greek Islands.

Sometimes the best honeymoon destination is close to home, within just a few hours by car or plane. The United States boasts quite a few places that are popular with honeymooners such as Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, various Hawaiian destinations, Orlando and even Aspen. You can even find all-inclusive hotels and resorts in these places as well as points close to home. Snow skiing, white water rafting, going to Disneyworld or doing a bit of gambling could be in your future, depending on the best honeymoon destination based on your interests and budget. You see, that is the beauty of it all ? there is no right or wrong answers when choosing the best honeymoon destination. Compromise is the best solution for choosing the best honeymoon destination, especially when who knows when you both might emerge from your rooms for a bit of a honeymoon breather! The bottom line is to have fun and enjoy the fact that you are with your new spouse and starting a new life together as one cohesive unit.

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