Benefits of Donating to the Charities Aid Foundation India

Posted by Akshara Foundation on June 14th, 2017

Happiness begins from the moment when we start sharing it with others and trees are the biggest example of this because they never consume their own fruits. And we humans need to learn from this that mind and body should not work only for benefiting ourselves, but, also to serve happiness to those in need. However, while doing so, they should not expect anything in return other than the smile on the face of needy people. There are many Charities Aid Foundation India that is working towards serving happiness.

Positive effects of donations:

Feel more pleasure – You can take feedback from the people who have donated something to the needy people. Whether it was clothes, education, or funds, whatever they donated have only given pleasure in mind for a return.

Helping others – We don’t live in a perfect world where not everyone is equally capable of getting even the most basic requirements of food, shelter, and clothes and thus, don’t wait for the right time as it will never going to come because there are people who are in need every time. Doesn’t matter whether the economy is in the doldrums, you are facing financial uncertainties, or even if the interest rates are rising, the fact is when you make others happy, you feel pleasure.

Get a tax deduction – If you donate to Charities Aid Foundation India, you can write off donation on the tax return. In this way, you can reduce the amount of payable tax by helping others.

Promote generosity in children – Children are believed to bring bright future of the country and when they learn to donate and to give others, they are more likely to adopt a sharing mindset from their childhood only. Involve your kids in donation activities and campaigns conducted by the Government, NGOs, and private foundations so that they tend to learn to donate the funds instead of wasting them for buying irrelevant goods.

Having faith in oneself – We all believe that a single person’s efforts cannot change the world and if you also feel the same then think again. One biggest example of having in oneself is the Mountain Man of India – Manjhi, who made a path from between the huge mountains without the help of any other. Thus, by donating funds or materialistic things to the needy people will make you believe that you are the reason behind someone’s smile.

Encourage family and friends – When you starts feeling happy after serving happiness to others, you will eventually encourage your family and friends to contribute their funds to the Charities Aid Foundation India.

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