5 Ideal Solutions for Conducting A Successful Audio Conference Call

Posted by Noah Oliver on June 14th, 2017

For any modern day business, audio conferencing, webinars and online brainstorming has become an innate part. For what it’s worth, these services help save a large amount of money and time, which would otherwise be spent on travelling and hotel stays, not to mention heavily priced conference venues. While conference calls seem to be the ideal solution in order to reap the minimum benefits at a minimum cost, the question that most businesses face is how exactly they should conduct a conference call. The answer is here!

  1. Make the Attendees Stand

If possible, the call moderator should politely ask all the people on call to stand up in their places. More often than not, we tend to be less distracted while standing up, and also exude more energy. Both of these aspects can go a long way in making the call successful.

  1. Interaction

More often than not, a long audio conference call can prove to be boring for everyone involved. Once the participants loose interest in the call, it can prove to be really difficult to ensure positive and efficient outcomes from the same. Hence, it must be ensured that the conference is highly interactive. In order to achieve this, the moderator can ask the participants to break every ten minutes or so and can get inputs and feedback from each one of them.

  1. Interview

Long talks during an audio conference can prove to be rather boring. Hence, instead of the traditional pattern, the moderator can initiate an interview pattern. Given that every participant will have views different from the other, this format can help make the calls fairly interesting. 

  1. Clear Details

Right from pre-announcing the exact time for the start of the call, to letting the participants know the agenda of the same is highly imperative. In addition, the participants must be informed regarding the expected duration of the call. Also, it can prove to be really helpful if the overall timeline of the call could be drawn upfront, so that everyone involved precisely know as to when will the discussion begin when to expect the question answer round, and who will speak first. This will help make the use of audio conference bridge crisp, precise and more efficient.

  1. Added Efforts

Given that an in-person conversation is much more efficient when it comes to making eye-contact, understanding the tone of the speaker, noticing the body language and so on, one must take additional efforts to make the audio call as efficient as possible. Right from using a range of voice pitches to making use of words that convey the exact emotion, one must take every effort possible to ensure that the message conveyed is understood in the best way possible.

Now that you know of the tips that can help make your audio conference successful, go ahead and conduct these calls with an unprecedented confidence, and trust us, your success will be waiting right around the corner. 

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