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Posted by Tom Martin on June 15th, 2017

It is rightly said that sitting is the new smoking. Blamed for a variety of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and CVDs, sitting for long hours, in one position is harmful to the spine too. The rapid urbanization has made desk-bound jobs more common all over the world. And when such professional necessity is not balanced out with adequate exercise and proper attention to posture, it leads to a long list of problems.

Ergotech Freedom Desk
The solution partly lies in making conscious efforts to reduce the number of hours for which individuals have to sit. At the same time, there should be no compromise with the productivity factor. From taking frequent breaks from work to walk around to including more exercise in your routine, little steps can help in making big differences. This is where the concept of sit-stand desks fits right in.

The Ergotech Freedom Quad desk stand is the best ergonomic sit stand desk in the market right now. The perfect solution to minimize work related health threats, this desk can also be used to boost the productivity in a company. On one hand, if the desk is introduced by an employer, it would lead to the better health of the employees. On the other hand, it would express the employer’s concern for the health of the professionals. Both aspects would boost the morale of the employees thereby leading to higher productivity.

Here is a look at the features that make the Ergotech desk one of the best solutions.

1- The Ergotech desk, as the name hints, is designed ergonomically. It has a spacious, expansive upper display surface but the keyboard and mouse desk is lower.
2- It can hold a weight of up to 35lbs, without wobbling or causing any movement related inconvenience.
3- The desk’s spring-assisted lift mechanism allows you to switch between sitting and standing in just a few seconds.
4- It can be put right on top of your current desk and is shipped fully assembled. So, it is all ready to use when it arrives.
5- The desk’s sturdiness is a result of its strong, solid base.
6- It also features a dual handle design that allows effortless operation.
7- It comes with a 5-year warranty.

If not at the workplace, the Ergotech desk stand can also be conveniently used when you are working at home. The idea is to use it as a healthier alternative to regular sitting desks.

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