Why Choose the Best Ergonomic Computer Table Over Conventional Sitting Desks?

Posted by Tom Martin on June 15th, 2017

The digital age has made our lives effortless, given the ease with which maximum number of tasks can be performed today. But this trend of shying away from making any effort has led to a significant increase in office inactivity and metabolic syndrome. There are significant health risks associated with office jobs that include long seated working hours.

Sit-Stand Desk
Leading ergonomists argue that cumulative impact of seated computer work can cause serious health problems that include obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Although in some conditions its contribution might be meager, it stands significant in broader terms. Ergonomists point out that a much healthier setting would be to switch between standing and sitting to maintain a metabolic balance and avoid exhausting all your energy. The accumulating research and evidence has propelled the manufacture, promotion and sale of ergonomic computer tables, with sit-stand adjustability, that offers best results.

Research that supports ergonomic views on sit-stand desks:

-A 2013 study points out that on an average standing helps you burn 50 more calories per hour as compared to sitting all day. With lack of movement for continuous hours, sedentary muscles release lower levels of lipoprotein lipase enzyme.
-Higher levels of fasting blood glucose were found in those who sat for longer periods, indicating their body cells responded poorly to insulin as found in a 2008 study.
-A 2010 study by an American Cancer Society found that sitting for 6 hours or more increased mortality by 37%.

Leading adjustable furniture in the market

-Ergonomic computer table: The best ergonomic computer table on the market today offers a wide range of features that include large surface for easy workability, sophisticated design that supports both standing and sitting, support to fit 1 to 4 monitors at one time, locking work surface for no wobbling, instant repositioning on the desktop.
-Advanced classroom training tables: Perfect for schools, libraries, community centers and business facilities, these tables feature strong leg construction and robust table tops with striking finish. Although they are not sit-stand adjustable, they offer great posture due to intelligent design for healthy sitting.
-Freedom Desk: It is the ultimate sit-stand solution with a spacious upper display surface and lower keyboard and mouse desk. With its spring assisted lift mechanism, it is a breeze of a task to switch between sitting and standing. Its cost reflects its quality.

Besides these more popular models, one can also find low cost sit stand desks that offer healthier sitting experience at affordable prices. To find the best offers, one should head online.

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