Come to know the Characteristics of Refractory Industry

Posted by annesheldon on June 15th, 2017

First, refractory production continued to decline. The refractory production in 2016 continued the downward trend in 2015, a decrease of 8.56%. The main reason for the decline in refractory production is the rapid and drastic reduction in the market demand for refractory materials for infrastructure projects. ?From the output of different refractory products, silicon brick production decreased the most, as high as 37.59%; high alumina products and clay products were down more than 10%.

Second, the export trade situation is grim. In 2016, the total export volume of refractory raw materials and products fell to its lowest level in the past five years, only 2.565 billion USD, down 11.62%, and a decrease of 765 million USD from the 3.33 billion USD, the highest point in 2014, down 22.97%.

Third, the imports of refractory raw materials have increased. In 2016, the total imports amount of refractory raw materials and products is 324,900 tons, an increase of 17.54%. The amount of refractory raw materials is 305,800 tons, an increase of 17.78%; the amount of refractory products is 19,100 tons, an increase of 13.92%.

Article source: The Characteristics of Refractory Industry

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