Comfortable Bowling Shoes Can Make Your Game

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

There are really only two needed items to play the game of bowling. The first is the ball and the second is the bowling shoes. You don?t need to own either of these as it is standard practice to rent them at the bowling alley. However it won?t take you long to realize that most serious bowlers have their own ball and bowling shoes.

The reason for that is fairly simple when it comes to the bowling shoes. And if you have ever used rented bowling shoes, you probably can well understand why. If the bowling shoes do not fit properly then it is distracting. If you have your own pair of bowling shoes then they become an extension of your feet, they fit properly and feel good and you get used to their little quirks and the way they glide on the lane.

If you are new to bowling you may not even realize that special shoes are mandatory. They are because of the gliding motion one makes when approaching the lane and releasing the ball. Regular tennis shoes cannot give that glide.

In fact, when it comes to bowling shoes, each shoe is designed differently as they function independent of each other. One shoe is glossy smooth so it gives the bowler a flawless glide. The other shoe has a stickier sole so it acts as a brake to stop the glide.

This is why bowling shoes not only come in various sizes but also come in a designation of left and right. A right handed bowler will want the brake shoe on the opposite foot than a left handed bowler would wear it.

If you have to rent your bowling shoes at the alley, chances are you will not get to select left or right handed bowling shoes. This is another major reason that anyone who loves to bowl on a regular basis will purchase their own shoes.

Bowling is one of the most popular games in the world and it is a game of utmost precision. Your bowling shoes must be lightweight and fit properly so that you can tell right away if your stance is off. If your foot happens to be positioned improperly, it can ruin the chance for a strike.

Bowling shoes today are much more fashionable than in times past. They look more like sneakers. Of course you can still buy the more traditional appearing shoe. In fact, bowling shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors as it isn?t the outward appearance of the shoe, but rather the sole which plays an important part in the game of bowling.

Bowling shoes must be cared for properly and never worn outside of the bowling alley and certainly never worn on the street. You can buy bowling shoes at a major sporting good store or through your local bowling center. You can actually shop online for bowling shoes too. That way you can get an idea of what is available and the price range. But it is always best to try them on before you buy. You can?t really tell how well they are going to feel and fit until they are on your feet. And since bowling shoes are vitally important to your ability to be able to bowl with precision, you want to take the effort to get the best shoes possible.

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