Heat It Up: 5 Bowling Warm Up Tips

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

In every sports or any activity that entails strenuous work, it is important to start with some warm up exercises first. This is to avoid any possible injury, which results from muscles that were not yet toned and conditioned before the activity.

In fact, most health experts say that doing warm up exercises increases the capacity of the person to withstand the activity or the game.

It has been clinically proven that warm up exercises can actually boost an individual's working ability and can lessen, if not eliminate, the chances of injury. It is necessary for every bowler to do some warm up exercises since playing the game could put more strain on the player than anticipated.

Here is a list of some warm up tips that every bowler should learn in order to play the game well - minus the injury:

1. Stretching

When doing stretching exercises that involve the neck and shoulder, it is best to hold each stretch for about eight counts to get utmost results. This will give the muscles enough time to condition.

2. Sweat it out!

It is important to start sweating when doing some bowling warm up exercises. The purpose of the warm up exercises is to raise an individual's body temperature, at least by 1 or 2 levels.

The point here is that when your body has been warmed up, it will no longer release more heat when it is already doing in very strenuous activity during the game.

3. Stretch those arms

The player's flexers and extenders should be properly warmed up before playing the game. This will enable the player's arms to be properly toned so that it can handle the weight and strain of the ball.

4. Breathe out

During warm up exercises, it is important to do some deep breathing. It is best to hold your breath for about 6 counts in between deep breaths in order to condition the lungs. This will enable the person not to tire so easily.

5. Warm up before stretching

Even if stretching is part of a bowler's warm up routine, it is still important to do some warm up exercises before stretching those muscles. Keep in mind that stretching should never be painful.

These are just some of the few tips that every bowler must bear in mind when doing warm up exercises that will ensure safe and comfortable play throughout the game.

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