Bowling Kingpins for Leagues and Tournaments

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Most bowling pins used in a casual game of bowling are pins that were specified by the American Bowling Congress. Kingpins in bowling are one of the most popular pins used in tournaments and leagues. They are much bigger than the normal sized pins. Professional bowlers use a big ball to knock down these pins.

In ten-pin bowling, they also use a big ball to knock down the pins. Ten-pin is more popular in European countries like England and Germany. In the United States, cities in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Brunswick have popularized this game and exported it to neighboring states and cities.

This game uses candlepins as their target. They are not removed from the lane after each attempt as they are in kingpin bowling. The lanes that are used in candlepin bowling are not oily compared to kingpin bowling, where the lanes are heavily oiled to meet professional tournament regulations.

Another kind of bowling that was also accepted by many people is the duckpin bowling. The game was popularized on the East Coast but originated in Baltimore as a summer sport when other bowling had declined in popularity. Duckpin bowling reached its peak of attraction in the 1960's where it had spread its popularity along the Atlantic Coast from the states of Georgia to Maine.

When manufacturers of pin machine settings stopped producing the equipment, duckpin bowling waned in popularity. There are still bowling alleys for duckpin bowling in several cities in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Kingpin bowling is sanctioned by most bowling organizations for tournaments and leagues. It is the standard game for many professional bowlers in every bowling event held by Brunswick, because of the big size pins and balls, which are standardized by the American Bowling Congress.

For the casual players that just want to knock down kingpins in kingpin bowling, here are some tips to improve your scoring:

1.He must find what he thinks to be the best starting position in front of the lane.

2.He may walk towards the foul line with the dots that mark his starting position.

3.He must turn around facing his back to the kingpins.

4.After relaxing, he may face the pins and concentrate on his aim.

5.Roll the ball to the lane and follow through with the arms and hands.

These few basic steps would help give a better performance in kingpin bowling.

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