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Posted by Radvile Motuzaite on June 15th, 2017

The largest known type of amber deposit comes from the Baltic region. Known as ‘Baltic amber,’ it is made of fossilized resin from trees, which used this material from 40 million years ago to heal damage to their trunk or branch. The resin continues to be intact as a fossil, thus, retaining its healing properties. Today, it is often used as a teether for babies, and you can buy wholesale Baltic amber online from reputable stores like Store-Amberos.Com. Baltic amber is known to be good for teething babies as it contains succinic acid, which works as a natural analgesic and released as warm skin comes in contact with fossilized resin.

Be careful when buying wholesale Baltic amber beads as there are fake products out there. The material is quite easy to counterfeit because there are other materials that may look like it, like copal (another type of tree resin). One of the ways to tell a fake is to touch it. If it feels like glass and it is cool to the touch, it is a counterfeit. However, neutral or warm could mean that it is plastic or copal. Hence, be sure to double-check the reputation of the seller and verify the authenticity of its products by looking up reviews online. Make sure its payment methods and process are secure. Consider a source that is affiliated with a reputable payment service provider, like PayPal, which can guarantee refunds and helps protect you from fraud.

You do not have to worry about buying a counterfeit Baltic amber necklace when you buy from Store-Amberos.Com. The store sells wholesale Baltic amber teething necklace from Palanga, which is known as Lithuania’s amber capital. Amberos is an established and prominent Baltic amber supplier that has been collecting the material to transform it into beautiful bracelets and necklaces for decades. They mostly handle and craft Baltic amber products manually. Hence, they are able to provide the highest-quality products and bring out the true essence of the material.

Wholesale Baltic amber from Store-Amberos.Com comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove that the teething necklaces are made from authentic, natural Baltic amber and compliant with all standards defining their quality. Every item is individually packed with their own certification. Be sure to explore their catalogue of wholesale Baltic amber beads to see the different options in style and colour.

About the Company

The AMBEROS is the leading Wholesale manufacturers of Baltic Amber jewelry in Lithuania. They export their top-quality natural Amber products to the retailers and distributors across Australia, South Africa, the US and more. They offer huge variety of Baltic Amber products such as Necklaces & bracelets for teething babies and adults. They also provide loose beads of unique colors and styles. AMBEROS offers reliable business partnership, excellent quality and genuine products, professional service, competitive prices as well as on-time delivery.

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