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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

You?ve bowled enough to know you like the sport and want to get better. You listened to all the advice about bowling in a straight line and it?s served you pretty well. However, straight-line bowling leaves a lot to be desired?it?s not the most consistent way to get good shots and it leaves you at the mercy of the condition of the lane. Are there other techniques out there that are more effective? Absolutely!

What?s after the straight shot?

To supercharge your game, you?ll need to learn some more advanced techniques when throwing the ball. The speed at which you approach the shot is known as the tempo. The tempo at which you approach to bowl includes just four steps, so you want it to be right. Your tempo decides how much power your ball will have. You?ll also need to learn how to time your release depending on the shot you need to make and the conditions of the lane. And lastly, you?ll need to vary the ball you use. The right ball will pick up the pins for any given situation.

What?s your tempo?

Beginning bowlers are notorious for a slow, steady tempo. This is fine if you?re taking your first shot at the pins, but if you have a spare or a split, your tempo can make or break the shot. If you have two pins standing, a quick tempo will give you a fast, powerful ball that can really knock down the pins. It?s your best shot for picking up your frame.

Learning when to let go?

When you release the ball is the second greatest adjustment in timing you can make. Where you choose to release it, as well as if you put a spin on the ball, will allow you to aim more accurately. Getting just the right combination of the two can give you the highest scores ever and increase your average. A little extra oomph and a quick flick of the wrist will give you control of the hook, skid and speed of your ball with proper release.

Better balls for better bowlers?

What kind of ball are you using? Using the right ball for the right job means the difference between getting it right and just getting lucky! If you?ve been using one ball for your all your shots, now?s the time to consider adding a ?hook? ball to your arsenal. Using a plain plastic ball as your ?spare? ball is another good idea. Spare balls roll straighter for picking off the pins left standing.

Using only one tempo, release and ball may have served you well as a beginner, but as you become a serious bowler you?ll need to start varying the tempo, timing and strength of your techniques. Matched with the right ball for the right shot, and you?ll be bowling with the big boys in no time. Your bowling will be supercharged!

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