How To Shop For A Bowling Ball

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Ever since its creation thousands of years ago, bowling has become a sport that people of all ages can enjoy and millions around the world do. Minimally physical, fairly fast-paced and generally quite affordable, there's just something about bowling that hooks people quick. Those who decide to really delve into the sport will likely find themselves shopping for a bowling ball of their own.

Getting a personal bowling ball is a great idea for league players and even casual enthusiasts who play a bit more than once in a while. Shopping for a ball can present a bit of quandary, however. Here's what to consider in a bowling ball:

* Budget. Balls can get rather expensive. It's not a bad idea to set a budget before doing some serious shopping. Very inexpensive balls can roll in at about $50, but professional grade ones will cost in the hundreds or more. It is possible to find good buys on all types of balls by shopping around and even considering used or form lane balls, but many prefer to have their very own, brand new ball.

* Ball type. A bowling ball can have different surface material. This material will help determine its performance when the ball hits the lane. The better the ball, generally, the more friction it provides. This gives a player more control over the ball as it makes its way down a slick lane. The different surfaces include plastic, urethane, reactive resin and particle, or pro-active. Plastic, or polyester, is generally the most affordable and provides the least amount of friction.

This ball is considered a beginner's tool. The urethane bowling ball offers a little more control at a slightly higher price. The reactive resin bowling ball provides more hook possibility and power than the other two options. The pro-active ball is considered more of a tournament player's weapon. It offers the most friction and the best reaction in oil. This type of ball is generally the most expensive.

* Weight. This is another very important consideration. The standard rule of thumb is to find a ball that is roughly about 10 percent of a person's own body weight. Some people might feel more comfortable with a ball that is slightly lighter or heavier, however.

Before taking the plunge and buying a bowling ball, it's not a bad idea to play with several different weights to see what feels the best. The results on the lane are the most important consideration here, even above the standard rule of thumb.

* Color, style. The appearance of the ball might not be the most important consideration for game play, but it can be for morale. Find a ball that not only fits budget and design choice, but all appearance choice for a truly ideal purchase. Balls come in a variety of colors and styles. Basic black is not the only option by a long shot.

Buying a personal bowling ball can be a great investment for someone who likes to roll a lot. Rather than having to adjust to a different ball every game, this investment puts power in a player's hands.

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