Bowling to the Top

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

In a lane, it's just the player, the pins and the bowling ball. With proper practice, technique and the right equipment, that may turn into a strike.

Bowling has been around for centuries. It was first introduced in Egypt in 3200 BC. Through the years it has spread worldwide with various ways of playing, either indoor or outdoor.

The most popular type of bowling (often seen on television) is ten pin bowling. The surface for this game was originally made of wood but has changed to other materials that imitate the old flooring.

The one thing that has not changed is the bowling ball. It is not really shaped as a uniform sphere because there are holes drilled in it that are needed for the player to grip the ball before rolling it down the lane

The material used in making the bowling ball has changed. Originally, this was made out of wood. The most common balls now used in bowling alleys are made of hard rubber. They come in different weights so that players of all ages can play this game.

Customized balls are ones made according to the player's specifications. Custom made balls are for serious bowlers, especially those who are in competitions. They come in different colors and designs. There are also those that are transparent which are painted in a way that makes it appear that there is a figure or an object inside the ball.

A bowling ball can be held in different ways. The first is called the conventional grip where the bowler's middle and ring fingers are placed into the ball holes up to the second joint. The second is called the finger tip grip. Here, the middle and the ring fingers are placed in the holes up to the first joint. More effort is required by the latter, but it gives the player better control when the ball is released. The third is called the Sarge-Easter Grip. Again the middle and the ring fingers are used but unlike the other two, both fingers occupy one hole which works well with players with high "rev" rates.

The style used to hold and release the bowling ball varies among players. It is best to experiment with the different kinds of grips so that you know which one works best for you.

Bowling is an exciting sport that requires hand and eye coordination similar to basketball or football. Getting the right bowling ball will help the player feel comfortable - a step towards excelling in this game.

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