The Basics of Bowling: It All Boils Down to Ball Fitting

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Learning the basics of bowling is never a difficult task. If one is eager to learn the basics of bowling, he can start by focusing on the selection of a ball the fits properly.

The first step in choosing the right bowling ball is determining if the ball feels right to the one who will use it. Many players opt to use the same ball whenever they bowl after they find they like. When they feel comfortable using a particular ball it affects their bowling performance. The weight of the ball must be considered as it has a great impact on the bowlers balance. The ball should not be too heavy for the bowler's size. If the bowler does not have balance, the performance may be less than desired. This is why it is important to choose a ball that is right for the weight of the bowler.

The fit of the ball should be the primary concern in the selection of a ball. The ball should follow the configuration of the bowler's hands. The holes' sizes and the distances between them should be in accordance with the normal grip of the bowler and may vary depending on which grip he/she may use.

Inserting a good portion of the finger in the holes will allow a better grip of the ball and is why it is important that the finger fit comfortably in the holes. However, the holes should not be too big for the fingers. An improper fit causes a tendency for the grip to be loose or the fingers to slide when swinging the ball.

The bowling ball is an important consideration when learning the bowling basics. The ball should perfectly fit the fingers to have a better grip of the ball. Having a better grip allows a better release and enhances the performance.

When a person knows how to choose a ball that is right for him/her, then it is easier for him/her to perform the moves and strategies needed. Bowling will never be difficult as long as he/she knows the basics of bowling, and chooses the right ball.

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