How to make Cultural Adjustment easier while Studying Abroad

Posted by Rishabh Sharma on June 16th, 2017

We believe that studying abroad is always an enriching experience, but it can be terrifying too. Here are a few tips to help students adjust quickly to the cultural differences they are likely to meet during their overseas education

1. Be Positive: When you move to a different country, everything appears outstanding -  from the language and food. You will find people with views that are poles apart from your beliefs. But remember each country has its unique lifestyle, culture, and conventions.

Just as you have come to a different country for overseas education, consider the novelty of the new place as an integral part of your educational journey. Try to learn. This is a very good opportunity for you to know about different cultures inside-out when you study abroad. Stay enthusiastic and positive in your interaction.

2. Observe Keenly: During your study abroad program in a new country, you will settle in their ways without much difficulty if you learn. One of my cousins settled in Germany very easily. She observed the way people communicated in the country. People easily accept someone who can emulate their style of communication and interaction with due respect. She used to ask and talk to the locals and observed everything thoroughly. Now, she has so many good friends in that country.

3. Travel and Explore: Visit the local markets, countryside, landmark and iconic places. Learn about the history and geography, interact with locals and immerse in their culture.

4. Participate in physical activities: Avoid having a monotonous routine during your study abroad program. You can join any class based on your interests or whichever physical activity you enjoy to keep yourself engaged and motivated.

5. Talk to other international students/advisors: In the beginning, you might have to cope up with issues pertaining to cultural differences. You can talk and discuss this with other international students as they will be going through the same difficult patch. You can also approach your college counsellor or international student advisor to get some guidance.

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