Telecom Network Decommission & De-Installation

Posted by HelenaNelson on June 16th, 2017

As the term suggests, telecommunications network decommission is effective de-installing and removal of telecom equipment and hardware. Deployment of such hardware has become an absolute necessity in present scenario as they are hard to maintain as well as are costly. They are also de-installed as some equipment become obsolete and old. It is important to hire a professional agency to perform decommissioning as they ensure maximum return and prevents disturbance.

Process of decommissioning

Some of the telecom hardware recovery services which are under control of experts and engineers are:

  • The first step is to evaluate the site, and ascertain the correct value of the asset so that the procedure of decommissioning of telecom equipment can be planned.
  • Engineers then sort the materials in inventory, thus, categorizing them according to their usage while de-installation.
  • After the division of items and site evaluation, the ideal strategy and plan is charted out.
  • The dismantling of the hardware and packaging is the actual stage in the procedure where the equipment is removed and packed respectively.
  • The items are transported back and an audit is conducted to ensure the application of safety measures.

These services constitute the process of disassembling of the telecommunication apparatus.

Facilities and key benefits of deconstructing hardware

Keeping the business in focus, the process of telecommunications network decommission offers several advantages which are mentioned as follows:

  • Safe transportation and audit of the site restores the actual value of asset and maintains the quality
  • Deconstruction offers resale of the removed products and items, thus, generating profits from it.
  • Call back facility is also available which makes sure that the items are labeled and packed properly. This advantage is a counterpart of packaging process.
  • Customer portal also provides benefit of control over audit and tracking the asset while it is transported.
  • Obsolete and old assets are disposed of carefully, being a benefit to the environment as well.
  • Certifications and memberships of engineers and agencies agree over maintenance of health and safety measures of environment, workers and customers.

Before hiring an agency, one should always check upon the list of advantages and provisions offered by them, which will help to sort out the best company for the various purposes accordingly.

Disassembling of equipment is a significant service offered by various agencies. The best option is to hire them based on the customer feedback and the past experiences of the agency. An online solution for such procedures is which provides you best of professionals on a global level who are experts in management of logistics in the telecom industry, thus making sure that the decommission remains a safe and ideal experience for its customers.

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