How to Buy the Best Bowling Shoes

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

A casual bowler may think that all bowling shoes are the same. They are not aware that bowling shoes contribute immensely to the performance of a bowler. If someone would like to excel in bowling, then he/she may want to consider getting their own pair of bowling shoes. Here are some guidelines to consider when buying bowling shoes:

1.The price of the bowling shoes should be considered. Prices may vary depending on the durability and brand of these shoes. Prices for advanced and intermediate bowler's shoes may be more expensive than the beginner shoes. An amateur bowler or just a casual bowler, who bowls just to have fun, should choose less expensive shoes. There are shoes that may be purchased for as little as $15.

2.It is very important to select the proper size and the width of shoes. Try the shoes on before buying them. The shoes should not fit too tight or be too loose on the feet so that they are comfortable and provide for mobility.

3.There are also shoes available for right-handed bowlers and for left-handed ones. It is important to determine if the shoes are for left-handed persons if he is left-handed because each shoe in a pair has its own purpose. One shoe is for sliding while the other shoe is for braking. If a person is left-handed, then he should choose a shoe where the right side is for sliding and the left for braking, visa versa.

4.A bowler may also choose bowling shoes that have collars and padded linings or have cushioned insoles. Bowling shoes with these features can provide much comfort for bowlers. The shoes are also used to support and minimize the movement of the feet in the shoes. They will help maintaining balance while sliding on the lanes.

5.It is important to shop around before choosing a pair of bowling shoes. Bowling shoes can be found in sporting goods stores and in the malls. It is recommended that an expert in bowling be asked which brands they have tried and tested.

Bowling shoes are very essential if a bowler would like to improve his performance in bowling. If the budget is limited, he may consider renting these shoes at the bowling alley. Anyone who bowls on a regular basis can save money by investing in a pair of bowling shoes rather than renting them.

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