Why Every Kid Loves Skateboards

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

There are many things in life that I will never understand. The amount of things that I don't understand has increased significantly since I became a mother and began to watch my kid's choices and preferences as they got older. I couldn't understand why my daughter wanted to wear such an ugly shirt with pants that clearly didn't match it, and I definitely couldn't understand it when my junior high aged son came home wanting to get his ears pierced. Being a mother definitely adds mystery to my life. Up until recently, the fact that all kids seemed to love skateboards was a mystery to me.

I began to recognize the phenomenon of skateboards when my own three children asked for them for Christmas a few years ago. I thought it was strange that they all wanted the same thing, yet when I asked them about it they said that literally everybody they knew was asking for skateboards that year. So my husband and I went out after researching the best skateboards for their ages and novice abilities, and we purchased three skateboards to place under the tree on Christmas morning.

From the moment our children opened their skateboards they were hooked. They haven't stopped using their skateboards almost daily even still, three years later. It is by far the most loved and best used gifts we have ever purchased for them. Since that Christmas day I have spent countless hours at our local skateboarding park watching my children play with their friends on skateboards. Usually I bring a blanket and a good book and enjoy a morning at the park while I watch. I'm so intrigued by the whole place, however, that I rarely get a chapter read.

I've learned that kids love skateboards because they love the freedom, the adventure and the risk that skateboards give. In small proportions, kids love the thrill that skateboards allow them to have. They love learning a new trick or showing off a skill for their friends. I've learned that skateboarding is a healthy way for kids to burn energy and to learn how to relate with other kids. A skateboarding park is quite a social gathering place, and I am thankful that my children are learning to relate with all kinds of people simply because of their skateboards.

So parents, take my advice. If your child wants a skateboard, be the first to encourage them. Yes, it is risky and hence there is potential danger involved, but it is a healthy way to let your children experiment with adventure and learn to make friends in the process.

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