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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Skateboarding is a fascinating and fun sport that is growing rapidly. To help you get the most from skateboarding, below are a few tricks and tips that can be very useful.

Here are a few skateboarding tips to get you started.

? Overcome the fear of having your back face the transition
? Learn how to stall properly
? Learn how to gain momentum
? Never let your edge wheels hang up

Here is a list of some of the most popular tricks.

? Stall
? Backside 50-50 on transition
? Frontside 50-50 on transition
? Frontside 5-0 on transition
? Ollie
? Kickflip
? Kickflip nose manual

One of the first things that a skateboarder needs to learn is how to stall. This needs to be done before you attempt to move on to other tricks. Stalling helps you to get familiar with your weight placement which aids in other tricks. Once you have accomplished this move you are ready to move on.

To perform a stall start off with a good amount of speed and as soon as the trucks on the back of the skateboard reaches the coping turn and make your heel edge wheel roll onto the top of the coping. Put your weight over the heel edge to help you get up on top of the coping. Once you have accomplished this, continue by setting your front truck down and finish off the stall by dropping back in, lift up your front truck then kickturn into a tranny. Avoid hang ups by putting weight on the toe edge.

The Backside 50-50 on transition is one of the first tricks that most skaters learn. Begin with more speed than you need to simply perform a stall. When you approach the coping turn slightly so you will be at an angle, this will allow you to ride the coping. The more momentum you have the further you will be able to go before dropping back in with the kickturn.

The Frontside 50-50 can be very intimidating for many skaters because your back is facing down the transition. However, once you get over this fear you will be amazed at all the tricks you will be able to accomplish. Gain momentum and go straight up the transition. When you near the coping turn because, instead of your heel edge wheel you want the toe edge wheel of the back truck to hook as far as possible over the coping. Begin with the back truck first and then set down on your front truck. You need to keep your weight mainly on the toe side of your skateboard.

To do a Frontside 5-0 transition you must get on top of the coping and scrape some metal. Get up as much speed as possible, turn putting your body weight to the front then lock your back truck onto the coping. After some practice and learning how to keep your balance you got it made.

The Ollie will be the next trick that you need to learn followed by the kickflip and the kickflip nose manual. As you may have noticed learning one trick will help you accomplish the next one. For instance, knowing how to do the Ollie will help you accomplish the kickflip, which in turn helps you learn the kickflip nose manual. Take your time and learn one trick at a time. Before you know it, you will be a skating pro that knows all the tricks and tips to success.

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