New To Skateboarding? Impress Your Friends With A Rock To Fakie

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Want to learn how to skateboard just like the pros? Your next step is to learn some really awesome skateboard trick tips.

You will want to start out with simple tricks, as some of the simple ones are the bases for the more advanced ones. Here is the perfect trick to get you started.

Rock to Fakie

This is one of the first skateboard trick tips that most people learn to do on a ramp. You should start off learning how to do this on a mini ramp.

This is the trick where a skater goes up one side of the ramp, parks for a second on the edge of the ramp (the coping,) and then rocks back down and goes down the ramp.

You want your feet positioned the same way that they're positioned for an Ollie, with your front foot a little closer to the nose of the board. Your back foot should be one the tail of the board.

While you're rolling up the ramp, just before you hit the coping, you want to stomp down just a bit on the nose of the board. This will park your board on the coping.

Allow gravity to catch up with you, and then you will pop the trucks of the board back over the coping so that you will ride back down the ramp.

If you follow the skateboard trick tips in this article, you will be learning some great tips, and in no time you will be able to move onto the more advanced tricks in no time.

Keep in mind while you're learning that skateboarding is hard, and you have to practice your butt off to get good.

If you want to see some more advanced skateboard tricks in action you can see some free videos at

You can do it, though if you have the proper drive and determination.

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