Fun When Skateboarding: Ramps And Rails

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

When a child starts learning how to skateboard, they will likely want to do some tricks at some point or another. Using skateboard ramps is a great way to do this. Purchasing your own ramps or building your own ramps is an investment and should only be done if the child is an advanced skateboarder and is serious about the sport. There are various types of ramps available and all have their unique properties and are all designed for different things. The more serious rider should be sure to get a well crafted ramp because it is safer. Building your own and finding the cheaper ramps are certainly an option but there are also risks involved with doing that and parents should be aware of the dangers. When in doubt, most metropolitan areas have skate parks that can be used.

A launch ramp is a ramp that is designed to make the skateboarder go airborne. While in the air various tricks can be done before landing. This is something advanced skateboarders use and it is one of the more dangerous types of ramps. A wave is a type of ramp that can be skated up one side and down the other. They are usually purchased in sets with one half able to join the other. You can typically put a flat box between them and make a large curve, sharp slope or four ramp area. The configurations can be moved and altered depending on your needs.

Rails are long tubes that are ridden on and tricks are done on. These are also dangerous and used with the advanced skater. Rails, however, are safer when purchased because they are generally lower to the ground. Some people try to use already installed rails that are on steps. This is very dangerous as the steps will compound a fall and possibly increase chances of injury. Learning how to ride rails that are low to the ground is the safest alternative.

Ramps and rails can be found in sporting goods stores and specialty skateboard shops. Generally they can be purchased on the Internet or brick and mortar stores starting at approximately one hundred dollars and can increase to several hundred dollars depending on the quality. Skateboard ramps are a serious investment, take up a lot of room and can only be used under safe conditions. Therefore, most people who purchase them buy them for the serious enthusiast.

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