Skateboarding Trick Tips - How To Perform The Perfect 360 Flip

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

If you want to learn some skateboard trick tips that will have you looking like a pro without being featured on MTV's Scarred, read on.

Skateboarding is great when you know how. If you have seen others do 360 flips and want to do them yourself this how to learn.

The 360 Flip

If you've followed the first of the skateboard trick tips and have learned how to do an Ollie, this trick will go more smoothly. This one is really cool, and looks impressive when you do it in front of your friends.

When you slam your back foot on the board just like when you do an Ollie, hit it extra hard in order to try and flip it.

While you're doing this, allow your front foot to slide off the board and use your toes to flip it that way as well.

Be careful while you're doing this trick, because it's easy to get jumbled up and fall. After you've managed the flip, you want to catch the board with your feet and center it again.

Don?t forget to bend your knees no matter which of the skateboard trick tips you're doing.

With all tricks, it will help you absorb the shock of the landing so you won't be injured. You can try and learn these tricks on a stationary board, as it may be easier.

Just place your board on grass or some other textured surface to keep it from moving. Once you've learned to do these tricks on a board that's not moving, you should practice them with the board rolling.

If you want to see some online instructional videos check out If you follow the skateboard trick tips above, you'll look like a pro in no time.

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