Skateboarding You Way To Safety

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Many children have a love for skateboarding. They watch some of their favorite professionals do tricks and dangerous moves on television and want to do them also. However, the people on television are highly trained and well protected. Children need to be aware of the risks associated with skateboarding and how to minimize those risks by being safe. Children should be told before they start skateboarding that this is a fun but dangerous sport and they should always be aware of the dangers when trying to do anything on a skateboard. Additionally, before the child goes out, children should be sure they have on all protective equipment and that they are supervised by an adult or they are in contact with an adult at all times in case of emergency.

The skateboard itself should be considered before purchasing. There are different types of boards for different forms and levels of skate boarder. Choosing the proper skateboard and ensuring it is age appropriate is very important. Protective gear is very important when skateboarding. Shoes should be closed toe and provide flexibility and a grip that is important. A helmet should also be used all the time when skateboarding. Head injuries are very common and most severe head trauma can be eliminated with the use of proper head gear. There are specialty shorts and shirts that are made for skateboarders that include padding which will help reduce cuts, scrapes and possibly broken bones in case of a fall. At the very minimum, the child should be wearing protective elbow and knee pads at all times.

When skateboarding, it is inevitable that the skateboarder will eventually fall. This may occur as one is learning how to skateboard or when trying tricks and more complicated maneuvers. Learning how to fall properly will help reduce injury. Lowering the body and rolling is the best way to fall. If completely upright, the impact will be harder and there will be more of a chance of injury. Trying to relax is difficult but a relaxed body is less prone to breaks than a rigid one. The skateboarder should also be aware of others who are around and should be aware of their environment. A skate board park or back yard is the safest environment for skateboarders. It is not advisable to allow children to skateboard on the street because passing cars pose an increased risk. Ensuring children know how to protect themselves and that they know all safety rules will minimize the injury risks associated with skateboarding.

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