7 Reasons why French window designs are best for modern houses in India

Posted by Window Magic on June 17th, 2017

“In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” -  Dan Castellaneta

In this cutting edge of technology one thing is quite precise that the concept of building houses in India has changed. Earlier there were no such defined ideologies in erecting a house. People in India just believed in living a happy life within the four walls no matter how the house looks inside and out. Over the years the idea of multistoried apartments was upgraded to duplex apartments and today to pent houses, independent floors and so on. Alongside there was an evolution in uplifting interior and exterior designing of houses in India. With people becoming more and more open to the world outside, they realized the importance of beauty of a house.

Today not only the wealthy people in India are building houses having exquisite designs but the middle class people are also in shaping up houses distinctively. The choice of windows and doors matters a lot here. Of late French window designs for Indian homes are in trend. Here are 7 reasons you should know why French window designs are best for modern houses in India today.

Operational Easiness - These crafty windows for modern homes in India may sound unique but have operational easiness. These are type of casement windows from Window Magic that are easy to install and uninstall, open and close and clean.

Class & architectural Sensibility - India is a country of rich heritage and Indians are no far away from arts and crafts. They find a class in every form of art especially when it comes to home interior décor. From curtains to doormats, Indians are quite sensible in designing their homes. The choice of wall paints, furniture, electrical appliances, doors and windows all matters when it comes to defining a class with home décor. French window designs from Window Magic add an architectural class to it. No wonder every Indian will love to bring that sensible class with it. Who wouldn’t love to show off when it can be affordable?

Add uniqueness and freshness to your home interior - A great home interior becomes a wonder for guests who admire its uniqueness and freshness. It is not about placing the antiques on the right place but matching up with the modern electrical appliances as well. French window designs for Indian homes add uniqueness and freshness to your home interior without ruining the charm of the home interior décor.

Low maintenance - Unlike traditional wooden and upvc windows, French casement windows require low maintenance.

Available in various designs - French casement windows are available in an exquisite range of patterns including, grille patterns, wood exteriors and more. In addition these are available in various designs such as arch top, flat and radius making your home not only visually appealing but highly artistic.

Matching up with home décor - French window designs, no matter of its variable designs, simply matches up with any home décor.

Manufacturers of upvc windows and Easy to install  - As stated earlier French window designs from Window Magic are easy to install and uninstall. So you don’t have to worry too much while reconstruction or relocating as well.

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