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Posted by eztalks on June 19th, 2017

Cons of Lifesize app

No broadcast facility: Live broadcasting of audio and video is an important feature needed by many organizations, but you do not have that facility in Lifesize video conferencing app. Possibly, it is one of the major reasons people prefer to use Lifesize alternatives as their audio and video communication tool.

Lack of IM facility: Integrated instant messaging is another important facility that people need in their video conferencing solution. Sometimes you need to share a link or text to someone in private chat, and you can do that only if you have IM facility in the system. Lack of this option is another big drawback of the Lifesize app.

Lack of support: the Lifesize app is compatible only with Android 7.0 or above, iOS 10.0 or above and Windows 8.0 or above on mobile phone. For PC or Mac, it need core i5 computer with 4GB RAM For optimum performance. These hardware and software limitations make it practically useless for most of the mobile and computers around the world.

Since it is not practical to use the Lifesize app on most of the computer and mobile phones, therefore it is a wise idea that you use Lifesize alternatives for video and audio conferencing. For your help here we are sharing top 6 alternatives for Lifesize.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is one of the best video conferencing solutions that offer many features to you. You can consider this as all in one solution for your audio and video conferencing because of several features that are mentioned here.

a) HD audio and video communication
b) Easy screen sharing
c) Meeting control for easy communication.
d) Free for up to 100 users.
e) Cloud base meetings give you scalability.

eztalks cloud meeting


If you want to host a meeting without paying any money, then join.me is possibly the best solution for that. This conferencing solution works great for individuals and business both. It offers great facilities along with several features that are mentioned below.

a) Audio conferencing with dial-in facility on a toll-free PSTN number and VoIP
b) Video conferencing with several features such as air bubble.
c) Works well on computer and mobile both.
d) Easy One-click scheduling of meeting
e) Easy presentation with white boarding, screen sharing, and presenter swapping



ooVoo is another great alternative for Lifesize video conferencing app. This is a free app for audio and video communication that works great for business and personal use. Talking about the feature of this alternative to Lifesize, it includes several things such as.

a) High-quality video and video for Chrystal clear communication.
b) Completely free with amazing features that make it a great choice for all.
c) Chatting and instant messaging to share data easily.
d) Group chat that can include up to 12 people without paying anything for it.
e) You can record the communication to play it later.



In the market, there are several players are offering video and audio conferencing feature, but GoToMeeting is one of the oldest among them all. It can help you do everything that you can expect with a meeting solution that makes it the best choice for organizational meetings. It below mentioned features make it way better than most of the other Lifesize alternatives.

a) HD quality video and audio communication.
b) Easy screen sharing with mobile and desktop support.
c) Whiteboard feature for annotation and highlight of the screen.
d) International dial in toll-free number.
e) Better control to manage global teams.



You can definitely add zoom in the list of best Lifesize alternatives because of its various features. This video conferencing option has two version including free and paid. The free version can allow you to connect up to 25 people in a meeting and you can organize unlimited meetings with it. Paid plans can offer much more than this along with some essential features including.

a) High definition video conferencing.
b) Screen sharing option for easy presentation.
c) HD recording so you can refer the meeting later.
d) Easy collaboration with group text, whiteboard files sharing during the meeting.
e) Liberty to join the meeting using wifi, cellular network or high-speed internet connection.


Google Hangout

All the things that you can imagine about in a video conferencing solution, Google Hangout can do that for you. This is a solution that can offer much more than any other video conferencing solution available in the market. If we talk about the features or facilities of Google hangout, it does several things mentioned below.

a) Liberty to do voice and video call.
b) Instant messaging in the call or conference.
c) Compatibility with almost every commuting device.
d) Built in screen sharing with great ease.
e) Admin had strong easy control on the meeting.
f) Liberty to broadcast live meeting via YouTube.

google hangouts

These are some of the best Lifesize alternatives for any kind of communication between a group or two people. You can choose any alternative to Lifesize mentioned above and you will surely get more features and facilities in that. Now choice is in your hand you can choose Lifesize app with mediocre features or you can use an alternative for Lifesize and you can have extraordinary experience with great ease.

Full list at: https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/lifesize-alternatives.html 

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