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Posted by richardcahn on June 19th, 2017

How to turn your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility? We are living in a fast digitalized world. Every day of our if full of mundane work and stress while putting our head deep into the machines we have created. After a long day, there is nothing greater than coming home and unwinding with a warm bath. A bathroom can be your peaceful retreat that you crave after a tough day at work, or could it use some sprucing up? To make your bathroom a soothing sanctuary of yours, you need to have painted it with great color combinations and designs. Let us discuss some great color combinations for your bathroom. There are plenty of paint color options that set the mood for tranquility. Let’s explore a few classic examples of bathrooms that use paint efficiently to create beautiful spaces that are perfecting for unwinding in. 1. The sage green paint color can be used in the horizontal planks in the bathroom captures the feeling of the outdoors in your garden. Have you ever imagined having your bathtub in the open in a small garden full of flowers? We can add plenty of white and touches of warm wood grain. These added touches will bring the greenish wall color to life. If you are a true nature lover and like to spend time in nature, then a woodsy color scheme might be just right for your bathroom. 2. The blue accent walls with beadboard are reminiscent of a clear sky. You can have these with the cream-colored walls which will eventually create a nice balance. As a different and off-bit style, this can go well with your mood and always offer a truly refreshing aura in your bathroom. This brightly-lit nook feels extra special. 3. There are many other themes apart from the Nature-themed color schemes if you’re looking to transform your bath into a relaxing environment. Interior walls painted with a soft coat of lavender are a soothing choice that feels feminine without being too precious. 5. If the pastels aren’t your taste, then the gray color is a beautiful interior paint color that feels both sophisticated as well as relaxing. 6. The right interior color combinations and designs have the capability to turn your bathroom into a beautiful and welcoming oasis from the stresses of the day. There are a few other important elements that will help make your space feel extra inviting. These elements are as follow, Good Lighting - The overly bright bulbs usually affect and strain your eyes, which eventually affect your overall perception of your bathroom style. When you begin your day in the morning and looking forward with to spend it with great enthusiasm, during this time having shiny bathroom works well. But when you are home from your stressful job and wish to relax and unwind in your bathtub then you would not wish to do that in a shiny bathroom. Consider installing dimmer lights or lighting a few candles. Scent - While you’re picking out candles in the market, be sure to grab one or two scented ones that you love. Essential oils like chamomile or lavender are another great option to go for. A soothing aroma slowly takes you to the depths of tranquility in your own bathroom, then why not to go for it? Bring in Nature - If your bath has natural light consider bringing in a plant or two. If you can’t have a plant in your bathroom, artwork showcasing the beautiful nature is an excellent way to incorporate elements of nature into your private space.

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