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Posted by Michael Ferguson on June 19th, 2017

It’s a well-known fact that lots of people that live in London are living like kings; with it being one of the most expensive places to live in the world how they not be? What else are they going to do, keep all their money in the bank? Save it for when they die? Kings wear crowns right? Well a Busty Escort in London is not going to actually put a crown on your head but they can certainly make you feel like a king with the multitude of services that they can provide you with. Depending on your age group or where you’re from some persons may use the phrase `king me´ as slang for ordering a shot of Crown Royal Whiskey when they are having a night out at the pub because of the famous whiskey´s logo of a red and gold crown of a king. Playful Escorts has many escorts working for them that can king or crown you really good. For example; “this hot chick crowned my buddy in the back room of the pub last night after we were kinged a few times”

If you are in the mood to be kinged like that Playful Escorts is just one of the London Escorts Agencies that has Party Girl Escorts who can bring with them when they arrive at you place with your favorite types of drinks and snacks. So order up a beautiful and Busty Escort in London and have them bring a bottle of Crown Royal along the way with some other snacks and have the time of your life. There is no questioning the fact that when you spend time with these special girls it will be the time of your life or if not it will be one to remember for a long time. Some people are the type of persons that may not necessarily like to go out and socialize and enjoy the nightlife that London has to offer. You can hit one of the most popular and busiest places of the many that there is in London or you can go to a nice small place that is a little romantic and not so crowded if you are not the most social type of person; visit one of their Incall Escorts for that.  It’s a fact that not everyone likes to go out and fight the crowds just to get another pint of lager at the pub.

London Escort Agencies are not all the same; booking girls from Playful Escorts of London will guarantee you one of the best times of your life. We are not talking about playing a game of checkers when we say `king me´ either. Get kinged the way you should be with the Kingston Escorts in London and all the other ones that Playful has.

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