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Some netizens commented that leather goods are strong from British. Made in Italy is exquisite but not durable. In fact, the "made in Italy" label leather, combined with its exquisite and faux leather polyester making technology and fashion design originality, is worldly famous. The most powerful French designer, currently able to compete on the level and Italy leather, such as the French Hermes, British Swaine Adeney, also from the raw materials into the Italy, Italy leather type fabric products industry, has a close relationship with the tanning industry.

faux leather polyester

Italian pleather fabric quality is high-quality, and important characteristics are good, quality stability, and long-term stable supply.How to choose pleather material is very learned. Italy leather enterprises are undoubtedly in Europe and the world leading position, the vast majority of foreign suppliers and customers have a close cooperative relationship. Italy leather enterprises four production areas, mainly in Vicenza, Milan, Suoluofula and Torres Fontana. Vicenza province is mainly engaged in the production of cowhide. In the leather industry zone of Arzignano Town, the 900 tanning enterprises are mainly located in Pisa and Florence city. The most famous poly synthetic leather goods in Florence are the main shopping spots in the St. Lorenzo leather market and the new market.

PU leather factory

From the historical development of Italy fashion PU leather factory, there are nearly a hundred years of Italy leather history, as early as the ancient Rome era, leather manufacturing industry has become an important industry, becoming the world leather industry pioneer. Military equipment, daily life cannot do without leather products, with a leather saddle, quiver, armor, shoes, and clothing. Leather PU price and leather goods have been shipped to Venice and exported to many countries. Handmade leather goods in ancient Rome represent the essence of the brand, huge internal demand, where the original leather source? From the ancient Rome Empire, it began to import from neighboring countries and the far east. To this day, most of Italy's raw hides 100 PU fabric still depend on imports.

One of the richest areas of Italy, the largest leather industry zone, is located in the northeast of the town of Arzignano in Vicenza Province, mainly engaged in the production of Arzignano leather industry zone, calfskin leather for the shoe, seat, fashion and leather goods production. Here, leather production accounts for more than 50% of Italy's total output, although only 34 square kilometers, with an area of fewer than 30 thousand people. Arzignano qualitative leap in PU synthetic leather production. It was in the 70s of last century that German technicians came to the Arzignano industrial district, bringing advanced German leather production technology to Arzignano. Leather industry has driven the local economy and technology. Besides leather factories, there are still a large number of leather goods factories, chemical factories, research centers and machine tool production plants. Italy introduced a series of environmental protection act, the country's 9 sewage purification plants, can basically meet 95% of tannery wastewater treatment. Tannery wastewater treatment methods are concentrated into the area, unified joint purification plant for unified treatment.

Italy's leather of polyurethane handbags strength, toughness, size, color, visual effect, softness, flexibility, and various technological characteristics are unique PU leather purse in fashion. So, Italy leather operators have their pride.

 PU leather purse

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