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Posted by johnhrq on June 19th, 2017

Beer bottle openers have versatile applications in our daily life. If you had ever thought they are used only for opening up the beer bottles, you are not aware of the other simple tasks they can help you with. However, without researching much on this aspect, let us now focus on the topic of this writing. Beer bottle openers are simple and highly useful gadgets that all people use as well as love. They are simply small and easy to carry also. Therefore they can make nice gifts that people will love to receive. Here we discuss why beer bottle openers can make simple but grand promotional products.

About beer bottle openers
Every beer bottle opener has a lever and fulcrum. They use the basic principle of simple machines to open the corked bottles. When you await some refreshment, they not only open up the bottle, but also your cheerful moods. Many people even call it as Church key. If you had ever visited a party where they were hunting for a bottle opener, you would have noticed how frenzy the moods of the people would have got. This kind of situation can nearly kill the moods of all those gathered there. At the same time, if you had one in your pocket and came forward to spare for the benefit of all, then you will become the hero of the day. Thus we all come across some situations where we can really start admiring the crucial use of a beer bottle opener.

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Great promotional products
Here are the several advantages of beer bottle openers that make them great choices as promotional products.

•    They come in a variety of shapes, patterns and styles. Discount bottle openers come in the traditional church key design to the speed openers used by bar tenders. So, you have a wide variety of openers to choose from depending on your taste and preferences.

•    You can get them customized in terms of their color and print. You can print them so attractively well with your business info, logo and product information.
•    When compared to the range of other promotional product options you have in front of you, bottle openers cost considerably less.

•    When you wish to have a good promotional product for your business or sports bar or a local restaurant, you will find this a very attractive gift that people will use as well as love to carry.

•    They are easy to transport, store and distribute. So you have the convenience of handling them with ease due to their simplicity and weightlessness.

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