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Oracale database : Oracle database   could be a assortment data  treated as a unit. The aim of a database  is to store and retrieve connected data. A data server is that the key to finding the issues of  data   management. In general, a server faithfully manages an outsized quantity of data in an exceedingly multiuser atmosphere in order that several users will be able to access the same data at the same time in a constant manner . All this is often accomplished whereas delivering high performance. A data server additionally prevents unauthorized access and povides  economical  solutions   for failure recovery.

The Oracle Certified Professional (OCA / OCP) Database Administrator (DBA) certification is designed to reflect proficiency in Oracle database architecture, installation, administration, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

There are  several certifications accessible for turning into an authorized Data administrator, several of those certifications are offered by Database  vendors themselves. By passing a series of tests and generally alternative needs, you'll earn a Database administrator certification. Institutions  providing database  Administration degrees can even be found.
For example:
• IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator - DB2 10.1 for UNIX, UNIX operating system and Windows
• IBM Certified Database  Administrator - DB2 10.1 for UNIX, Unix, and Windows
• Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional
• Oracle MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator Certified Professional
• MCSA SQL Server 2012
• MCSE Data Platform Solutions expert 

Types of Oracle Users
The types of users and their roles and responsibilities at a web site will vary,a small  web site will have one database  administrator who administers the Database  for application developers and users. A big to  giant web site will need to divide the duties of a Database  administrator among many folks, and among many areas of specialization.

This section contains the subsequent topics:
1.Database Administrators

  1. Security Officers
  2. Network Administrators
  3. Application Developers
  4. Application Administrators
  5. Database Users

Responsibilities of a Oracle DBA 

1) Creates and maintains all databases needed for development, testing, 
education and production usage.

(2) Performs the capability designing needed to make and maintain the 
databases. The DBA works closely with system administration employees as a result of 
computers usually have applications or tools on them additionally to the Oracle 

(3) Performs in progress standardization of the Database  instances.

(4) Install new versions of the Oracle RDBMS and its tools and the other tools
that access the Oracle Database. 

(5) Plans and implements backup and recovery of the Oracle Database.

(6) Controls migrations of programs, data base changes, reference data changes 
and menu changes through the event life cycle.

(7) Implements and enforces security for all of the Oracle Databases. 

(8) Performs database  re-organisations as required  to help perform and 
ensure most period of the database.

(9) Puts standards in place to ensure that all application design and code is

produced with proper integrity, security and performance. The DBA will perform

reviews on the design and code frequently to ensure the site standards are

being adhered to.

(10) Evaluates releases of Oracle and its tools, and third party merchandise to 
ensure that the positioning is running the merchandise that square measure most applicable. 
Planning is additionally performed by the DBA, at the side of the appliance developers 
and System adminitrators, to confirm that any new product usage or unharness 
upgrade takes place with lowest impact.

(11) Provides technical support to application development groups. This is 
usually within the sort of a facilitate table. The DBA is sometimes the purpose of contact 
for Oracle Corporation. 

(12) Enforces and maintains info contraints to confirm integrity of the 

(13) Administers all database objects, as well as tables, clusters, indexes, 
views, sequences, packages and procedures. 

(14) Assists with impact analysis of any changes created to the database objects.

(15) Troubleshoots with issues relating to the databases, applications and 
development tools.

(16) produce new database users as required.

(17) Manage sharing of resources amongst applications.

(18) The DBA has final responsibility for the physical Databas desing. 
An Oracle DBA is a senior-level manager who often earns as much as a Vice President, and has lots of responsibility, managing the mission-critical data for the complete  company

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