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Posted by Adam smith on June 19th, 2017

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Planning to put up your work and talent in an exhibition is a good thought, but what matters most is the presentation. A key to attracting more audience/ customer in your stall is by placing it strategically so that it can grab more eyes. To do so, you need to add shell scheme stand for setting your stall.  

Presently, shell scheme is a hit over other stand designs, and it is because you can customize it to any size and set it up as per your convenience. This is a better way of establishing your stall in an exhibition. In case you don’t have much idea about this, read the following to know more about these in depth.

What is this scheme?

Shell is a different scheme design which stands on a modular system. It also has shell space to meet future needs. It typically comes in two design option packages–

a. Walk on – This includes basic structure, as well as flooring unit, is also in it.

b. Inline or corner – It includes a basic structure, flooring and along with it, you can also see tables, chairs, and counters with it  

How will this look?

You have a lot of option to recreate your own design or graphics on the stand walls. To highlight it, there will be proper light, power socket and you can cover the entire height and width of the panel with your theme design or keep it for branding. Shell stands are fully integrated.

In what ways one can do the branding?

Twist banner or stand banner; both are available as branding choice to choose from. It creates a visual branding recognition. Shell scheme stand is the perfect choice for this purpose.

What will be the different stand accessories?

If you are looking to promote your product, work, and brand; you will have the perfect chance here. With a product display counter, plinth and brochure display units.

What are the different things to do with shell stand?  

With shell expo stand, you can do a lot! Take a look on some of the things that you can do –

- Create a dynamic look with graphic panel
- Add Shelves to display products
- Use AV for video looping and demonstration
- Pop up stand

These are the basic things that you can try doing. The best part is, you can get all these at an affordable price!

What are the factors to keep in mind while planning this?

When planning for a shell scheme hire, there are few things you must keep in mind for a better experience –

Do not put nails, screws or staple the shell walls
Attach things or accessories with double sided tape
It is better not to build it more than 2.5 meters
Do not stretch the working part beyond the premises
Get this strand from experts

Now that you have a clearer idea regarding all these, avail shell scheme hire and this will give a great experience in the exhibition. Make a mark and create a brand with this amazing scheme design!

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