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Posted by Anurag Mishra on June 19th, 2017

Newspapers these days are flooded with the good news of buying your dream home with easy housing finance. Therefore, buying a dream home is no longer a hill breaking job. But did you ever wonder what is it that makes the dream come true moment an easy task? It’s not that, the property prices are on descending slope, on the contrary they keep on being dizzy and inflation smitten. The magic lies in the interest rate. Now what are house loan interest rates? In simple words, it is the extra amount you pay to the lending organization against the principal loan amount.

The financial organizations provide you the financial support in form of home loan for purchasing the home you admire at a competitive rate of interest per annum. The amount the organization is providing is an investment they are making and they will definitely earn profit from you. The profit money is the extra money you pay in form of house loan interest rates on the principal amount per annum. Different organizations cater you with different interest rates.

The house loan interest rates are categorized under three differentiating heads: fixed rate of interest, floating rate of interest and transfixed rate of interest. The interest rates are distinguished by the constant or variable nature of the interest rates.

Fixed rate of interest is constant in nature. It has no relation with the market condition. If you take the home loan at a fixed rate of interest, then the rate is locked for the whole loan term. If the interest rate drops, your rate will not be affected. Similarly if the rate rises depending on the market condition your rate of interest will remain the same. So you end up paying lesser rate compared to the customers with floating rate of interest.

Floating rate of interest or adjustable rate of interest is variable in nature. Depending on the financial health of market the rate fluctuates. Due to this fluctuating rate financial organizations are attracting more customers. As whenever the market condition prospers the organizations lowers the rate of interest. Even the difference of .50-1% from the present interest rate the customer is paying acts as a buffer for future repayment. With reducing rates the EMI amount also comes down. The rate at which you take the loan and the rate at which the organization disburses the amount are subject to change.

In trufixed interest rate you have to pay a fixed rate of interest for a stipulated period of the loan tenure, after that phase it automatically switches to floating/adjustable rate of interest.

To encourage the women borrower the organizations are providing a concession of about .05% on the rate of interest on principal amount. They consider women to be more responsible and chances of their being defaulter is narrowed.

Having the basic idea is sufficient to help you take a confident step and join hands with the future financial partner in purchasing your dream home. Compare each and every online detail for selecting a loan program that will not prick your pocket. Interest rate is one of the crucial yardsticks in deciding the lending institute, but is not the only factor. Think, compare and judge before you take the step for the greatest personal accomplishment.

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