Why Traditional Mattress Adhesives are Dangerous

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on June 19th, 2017

If you own a foam or a spring bed, chances are you’ve been breathing in a toxic cloud of off-gassed fumes as you sleep. Traditionally manufactured mattresses are increasingly being found to contain a great range of toxins and chemicals, which pose significant health risks. These include short and long term conditions as well as chronic health problems that mysteriously persist. With the average person spending, at least 7 hours each day in bed, it is critical that the surface one sleeps on is safe and free from these toxicities. Natural Latex mattresses are becoming ever popular because of the increasing recalls of toxic bed mattresses, including those made for children and infant cribs. Recent studies also demonstrate how dangerous and prevalent toxic chemicals in mattresses can be. Nearly all traditionally made beds contain petrochemicals, pesticides, chemical flame retardants, chemically treated fabrics, noxious adhesives, and a lot more toxic components that are extremely bad for human health.

Finding The Organic Mattress Store you can trust is the first step to keeping your family from the dangers of mattress adhesives and all other chemicals that set camp in regular beds. Organic Mattress stores mattresses are virtually free of the harmful flame retardants and glues present in their mass produced, chemically doused counterparts. Mattress adhesives are mainly used to glue layers and layers of fabrics together, so as to hold them in place and keep the structural integrity of the bed cushioning. Glues (whether water-based or solvent-based) are found in most any type of mattress, ranging from memory foam beds to latex mattresses, and innerspring beds. Both types of adhesive contain chemicals that may be causes of concern in terms of health and safety.

Solvent-based glues, or instance, can contain as many as 48 different chemicals ranging from lead to acetone, halogens, chlorofluorocarbons, and even more hard to spell, harder to pronounce chemicals that can only mean bad news to your health. Water-based adhesives may seem less hazardous, but they are nothing but diluted solvent-based glues that still contain the same chemicals. People who suffer from different allergies and breathing problems should stay far away from beds that emit these fumes and turn to The organic mattress store that offers safer alternatives.

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