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Posted by Julia Madison on June 20th, 2017

There is no way that you can operate a continuing education center without feeling frustrated, exhausted, and completely wasted. There is so much work that goes into running a continuing education center every day. You can’t rest for a minute. And to add to the woes, you are also responsible for motivating or elevating your continuing education staff. However, it is a responsibility you should gleefully take and perform. If you agree to the fact that the efficiency of the staff of your continuing education unit is crucial to providing the right knowledge and learning to non-traditional education seekers, then you would have no problem in elevating them. But, this is not the case with every institution offering continuing education. When your preferences hang between becoming mission-sensitive and financially self-sufficient, you will have less time for your staff. While they might not show, your deliberate or unknowing avoidance of them could have an impact on their work and how loyal they are to your institution and goal.

As the leader of a continuing education unit, you will always have two paths to choose from. If you pay too much attention to the management of day-to-day tasks and institution politics, you will have no time left for planning the future. This is the reason why many institutions don’t reach the position or status they intend to when they start. They run out of fuel in the middle. And they don’t have any alternative. In the ideal scenario, the leader should spend half of her/his time planning for the future and how they can develop and grow. Most of their time should go into identifying new market segments, products, and delivery method opportunities. In this age of competition, it is critical for continuing education centers to think beyond their clients and customers and deliver solutions they haven’t even thought about in their wildest of dreams.

To make sure that the future is bright, a leader should have a skilled and experienced management team that knows how to get the daily work done on time. This will make sure that the leader has more time to focus on the more important things that control the growth of the unit. While there is no harm in having a management team, a continuing education unit management system could balance everything out. You will require less people, as much of the work would be done by this system. Make sure this system comes with the Ellucian banner integration feature, so that you will only have a single system of reference.

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