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Posted by molanparker on June 20th, 2017

Botox is an injection which is used against wrinkles. This means that it is actually an anti-aging procedure, which may also have a couple of other benefits. The substance used is the type A of botulinum toxin, which means that whenever it is done properly, there is no risk for botulism. The wrinkles disappear using this procedure because whenever the muscles are being injected, they get relaxed and stop contracting.

The effects of this injection are not permanent, instead they only last for a couple of months, usually three to four, but can last for maximum nine months. It’s a rather easy procedure which takes a few minutes, and the risks of it are definitely not high. Additionally, if you start this treatment in time, you can also prevent the appearance of the wrinkles, rather than having to get the injections done to fix the issue. All of these proves exactly why it is so popular too.

Some benefits of the botox treatment

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that the doctor can give you the look you want, by adjusting the dose. It isn’t something that can be ignored, because perhaps that not all of us want to go for the same kind of look when trying to get rid of wrinkles. This helps you get a more natural look. You can find more info about this here

Other advantages may include: the difficulty level is a low one, it’s a quick procedure and there aren’t high risks for it. Sure, there may be some side effects which you should also keep in mind, but even these aren’t permanent, they’re only temporary as well.

Side effects of botox treatment

The most common side effects, which do not include muscle paralysis, are headaches, bruises or pain at the site of injection. These aren’t severe side effects however, and you are likely to get rid of them in a short period of time, as long as they do not get aggravated.

Furthermore, there is also a certain risk for the wrong muscles to be injected, which results in the paralysis of those muscles. This paralysis however is still temporary, which means that those muscles will regain their previous function after usually three to four months after the injection.

Common misconsception about Botox

It is widely known that the botox injection fully paralyses the muscles of the face, although that is not the case most of the time. Usually, the doctors choose to adjust the amount that they inject, so that they won’t fully paralyse these muscles, but instead just limit their function. Complete paralysis can only occur when there is a high amount being injected, which is not the case most of the time however.

The botox procedure itself

During this procedure, the patients are usually placed in a rather raised position, and local anesthesia is sometimes used, although not too often. Once everything is ready, the botox is injected, usually in just one area where the wrinkles need to disappear. There are cases though when very skilled practitioners choose to inject more than just one area, in order to make the wrinkles disappear just the way they want.

After the procedure is done, there are cases when it may look like the area is bleeding. In such cases, doctors usually put pressure on those areas. Either that, or they can apply some ice, although the latter one is not as effective in the control of the pain and bruises.

After the botox injection is done

Patients are usually advised not to get in contact with the injected area in order to avoid further bruises or irritation. There are also some counter-indications against using some medication immediately after this procedure, so getting in touch with your doctor about this matter is always a good idea.

The fact that it’s a rather simple procedure and a painless one as well, also means that there isn’t really a recovering time after. The first results can be seen after as few as three days, with full results being visible after around one week to ten days. Just like mentioned before, the procedure is not a permanent one, it’s only temporary, so after a couple of months (around three to four in most cases), there is a need for the continuation of the treatment, which means getting a second injection done.

Other uses for botox treatment

There are actually a couple of other cases when the botulinum toxin can be used. These include, but are not limited to: sweating in excess and allergic symptoms. Another notable situation would be the chronic pain, with many reporting improvements for their headaches, or even getting rid of their chronic pain entirely.

To draw a conclusion, there are many uses for the botox treatment, with it being the most popular kind of aesthetic procedure out there. It eliminates the need of surgical interventions, which is a big plus, and it can even prevent the appearance of wrinkles as long as the treatment is started early enough.

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