5 Common Misconceptions about Stock Market

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on June 20th, 2017

Many investors wonder whether investing in stock market is right or not. It is important to clear all the concepts and keep a realistic view of the indian stock market.

Stock tips provided by companies also clarify few myths about the stock market, but still few common myths about market often arise in investors mind, following are the 5 most common myths about the stock market.

1.The stock market is only for rich people: Stock market is open for all.Everyone can invest in the market by following some technical updates and market reports, and also many brokers and advisor allow investors to start their investment with a minimum amount.

For more details, you can read what is stock tips, stock futures tips provided by a financial advisor.

2.Trading is like gambling: Many people think that stock market is the place of gambling where one can buy and sell their position with a pre-decided amount. In stock market investor continuously trying to access more profit by following market updates, Stock market is slightly different from gambling.Business conditions in the market always change and it also creates impact on the stock market.

You can never assume what will happen in next movement in the market it is totally based on market conditions. By investing in the market, a company try to develop economy as well as their market image and development of their company.It is more different than gambling.

3.Stock that earning profit must come down: There is no force that pulls your stock back to zero. It can not come down automatically. I am not saying that stock never goes fall.Your stock value depends on the company's situations, how well they are managing their company provided better services.If you find correct company run by capable managers, so there is no change your stock won't keep going up.

4.Trade market forecasts are 100% reliable: Lot of people forecast about the weather but is it fully reliable??same in the stock market you can not rely on the stock market forecast.Don't take a decision on the hurry, Take your time, learn about market and company, study the event that can affect the market condition and stock value in certain segments.

5.Have a little knowledge is better than nothing: Time to time follow-ups are necessary to be updated with the market because full knowledge about the stock is important for an investor. If you don't have time to fully read about market news, updates and report then having a financial advisor is not a bad idea. If you are investing in such segment that you do not much understand about, you can take tips from advisor because “the cost of investing in such stock that you do not fully understand is much greater than the cost of hiring an advisor”.

So feel free to take suggestions from financial advisory companies, infect many companies provide free trail also, you can try their services for an idea.Before you invest you should do homework or you can take suggestions from professionals.

Obviously, investing needs hard work and efforts, you have to be updated with market updates because partial knowledge of something can lead you to a failure of your investment. It could be injuries to you financial positions and you image also so, stay updated, take advises and invest freely to obtain more profit.

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