Requirement of Selenium Automation Testing Frameworks

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Introduction to Automation testing:

Testing is a fundamental piece of product advancement process. While testing middle of the road adaptations of items/ventures being produced, trying group needs to execute various experiments. Likewise, preceding discharge each new form, it is obligatory that the rendition is gone through an arrangement of "relapse" and "smoke" tests. Above all such tests are standard for each new form of item/venture, and in this manner can be computerized keeping in mind the end goal to spare HR and time for executing them.

Advantages of utilizing mechanized testing are the accompanying:

  • Reduction of tests' opportunity execution and HR required
  • Complete control over the tests' outcomes ("real outcomes" versus "expected outcomes")
  • Possibility to rapidly change test's preconditions and information, and re-run the tests powerfully with numerous arrangements of information

Sorts of Test Automation Framework:-

Module Based Testing Framework:

Module construct Testing Framework is based with respect to one of the famously known OOPs idea – Abstraction. The system separates the whole "Application Under Test" into number of sensible and disconnected modules. For every module, we make a different and free test script. Along these lines, when these test scripts taken together forms a bigger test script speaking to more than one modules.

Library Architecture Testing Framework:

The essential thing behind this system is to decide the basic strides and gathering them into capacities under a library and call those capacities in the test scripts at whatever point required.

Information Driven Testing Framework:

While computerizing or testing any application, now and again it might be required to test a similar usefulness numerous circumstances with the diverse arrangement of info information. In this way, in such cases, we can't let the test information installed in the test script. Henceforth it is encouraged to hold test information into some outer information base outside the test scripts.

Information Driven Testing Framework enables the client to isolate the test script rationale and the test information from each other.

Catchphrase Driven Testing Framework:

The Keyword driven testing structure is an augmentation to Data driven Testing Framework it might be said that it not just isolates the test information from the scripts, it likewise keeps the specific arrangement of code having a place with the test script into an outside information document.

Hybrid Testing Framework:

As the name recommends, the Hybrid Testing Framework is a blend of more than one previously mentioned structures. The best thing about such a setup is, to the point that it use the advantages of a wide range of related systems.

Conduct Driven Development Framework:

Conduct Driven Development system permits mechanization of useful approvals in effortlessly comprehensible and justifiable configuration to Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, and so on. Such systems don't really require the client to be familiar with programming dialect.

Why Framework?

A structure characterizes the association's method for doing things – a 'Solitary Standard'. Taking after this standard would bring about the venture group accomplishing:

Script-less portrayal of mechanized tests:

The testing structure should offer point-and-snap interface for getting to and cooperating with the application segments under test—rather than displaying line after line of scripting. Analyzers ought to have the capacity to envision each progression of the business situation, see and alter test cases instinctively. This will abbreviate the expectation to absorb information for analyzers and help QA groups meet due dates.

Information Driven tests:

A key advantage of computerizing utilitarian testing is the capacity to test huge volumes of information on the framework rapidly. However, you should have the capacity to control the informational collections, perform counts, and rapidly make many test cycles and changes with insignificant exertion. Test Automation Frameworks must have ability to incorporate with spreadsheets and give capable estimation highlights.

In the event that your applications is NOT too profound with pages , however each page can have situations that should be tried with expansive datasets, you would need to compose mechanization scripts with an emphasis on test information otherwise known as information driven. Apparatuses like QTP as of now have exceeded expectations sheet parsing and so on that circles through lines and a similar experiment is executed for every informational index.

Brief Reporting:

The capacity to run high volume of tests is of little advantage if the aftereffects of the tests are difficult to get it. The system should consequently create reports of the trial and demonstrate the outcomes in a simple to-peruse design. The reports ought to give specifics about where application disappointments happened and what test information was utilized.

Standard Scripting and Team Consistency:

Scripting standard ought to be kept up over the structure library creation, which incorporates business parts, framework interchanges, information check focuses, lumberjacks, journalists and so on. Venture group ought to take after the characterized scripting measures. Distributed principles over the venture group pre-empt the exertion required in copy coding, which keep people from taking after their own coding models.

Epitome from Complexities:

Test engineers are typified from the complexities and basic parts of the code. Architects are presented just to the actualized libraries and tests are executed by simply summoning the libraries.

Actualize and Maximize Re-Usability:

Build up the created libraries over the association/extend group/item group, i.e. distribute the library and give get to rights. Utilities/segments shared over the group. Utilization of accessible libraries. Limited exertion for rehashed relapse cycle.

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