The City Of Tashkent And Its Attractions

Posted by Dooktravels on June 20th, 2017

What is so great about the city of Tashkent?

The city of Tashkent is the epitome of modern elegance being the capital of Uzbekistan. It has lined grids of wide streets and avenues which are straight. The city is decorated with e<br>merald green parks, gardens and fountains. It is a mixture of both oriental features and modernity. With European architecture from the Soviet era to overlooking glass skyscrapers the city is unique in itself. Tashkent café and restaurant present some delicious dishes of Uzbek along with Russian, Middle eastern and European cuisines. One may find great number of chaykhanas, cafes and places from where one can eat which spans between an area of Kukeldash Madrassah and Chorsu bazaar. There are variety of delicious dishes ranging from kebab, Uzbek samosa, Shaurma and etc. One can taste the wedding Tashkent Pilaf which is the main attraction of the city and can be found in Osh Markazi. It is a great dish made with rice and seasoned broth. Depending upon the local cuisine various toppings are added.

Why is this city a great destination for Indians?

Uzbekistan is located in the Central Asian region and is near to Silk Route. And one must remember that it is the place from where the descendant of Mughal Emperor had originated. Tashkent has been the centre of attraction for many tourists all over the world for many reasons, they are a) Safety- The crime rate of Tashkent is very low with no wars or revolutions and the localities have a pleasing and peaceful attitude, b) Not expensive- Prices at Tashkent are very reasonable. Shopping for souvenirs and other stuff at the local stores or boutiques, carpets of great class at affordable prices, centers for entertainment, hotels and restaurants proving great diversity of cuisines ranging from Chinese to European, ski resort, night life and etc are the main reasons for tourist attraction, c) Cleanliness- The streets of Tashkent are unusually clean with clean fountains and parks, d) Excitement- Rich history of Tashkent along with its great art and cultural diversity makes this place truly exciting, e) Other factors- Getting a visa for Tashkent is very cheap and easy. It’s unique flavor along with cheap accommodations, Indian restaurants, modern and oriental architecture are also important reasons for its flourish. For visiting the place one can avail Tashkent tour packages from India and find out the best deals and offers online or get suggestions from a professional travel agent.

Why is it must to visit Russia?

Russia provides its tourists with an enchanting experience. Being situated between Northern Asia and Northern Europe it is rich in its cultural heritage, history and landscape. It is breathtaking and monumental in all its aspectual sense. It has a splendor of imperialism coexisting with the beautiful icy Siberian Tundra and all the monuments of Soviet-era as the backdrop of the urban hip culture. There are two main hubs in Russia which is well suggested, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Exploring more than these two places is also advisable. The Golden Ring, travelling towards Caspian sea to see the natural Russia without urbanization, city of Irktusk, mountains of Altai etc are the most exciting places attracting tourist from all over the world. One can find Russian holiday packages online from many known sites and travel to this breathtaking destination.

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